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What is the study of Alchemy?

Alchemy definition?


Alchemy definition:

alchemy definition


Alchemy definition:

Alchemy definition and all details about this process is listed in this article.First of all we have to know what is alchemy?


The process of converting cheap elements into precious elements such as gold is known as alchemy, and it is an ancient practice that is closer than pseudoscience and sorcery to real science, as all attempts have failed miserably and frustrated. But what you may not know is that the process of converting a cheap item into a valuable one is real science and not quackery or sorcery!

How can cheap items be converted into precious items, then, like gold?

The answer is: via the hydron collider!

Today scientists were able :

Today, scientists were able to collide some particles and turn them into gold atoms, in fact the German GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research produces about 2,000,000 new gold atoms every second!

But do not get too excited, as you know that atoms are very small, so even at this rate of two million gold atoms per second, it would take about fifty million years (50,000,000 years) to make one gram of gold!

Historical fact:I

n 1919, Ernst Rutherford used artificial decomposition to convert nitrogen to oxygen.  Since then, this type of scientific transformation has been routinely used in many laboratories and facilities related to nuclear physics, such as particle accelerator centers, nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons facilities.

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