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Atomic structure worksheet?

Atomic structure worksheet?

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Update June 01, 2013
image of the atom (electronic cloud)

Image: Representation of the atomic structure of the helium atom 4. For reasons of readability, the image above is not to scale. The atomic nucleus appears in pink in the center and, in gray gradient all around, the electronic cloud or the atomic orbital.
The helium nucleus 4 is schematically enlarged, showing the two protons and the two neutrons in red and violet, its size is 1 femtometer or 10 -15 meters. In reality, the nucleus (and the wave function of each of the nucleons) is also spherical, like the electrons of the atom. Image credit: public domain.

Image of the pure gold atom seen by the tunel microscope

Image: As close as possible to the material, the surface of a pure gold leaf (Au 100) is detailed here by a tunneling microscope. The visible gold atoms in this image are regularly spaced from each other on the crystalline structure of gold. This atomic image was made with a Low Temperature Omicron STM by Erwin Rossen, Eindhoven University of Technology, in 2006.

note: the spectrum of visible light ranges from infrared to ultraviolet, it corresponds to wavelengths of 400 nanometers in the violet to 780 nanometers in the red, ie from 4×10 -7 to 8×10 – 7 meters. Between the wavelength (λ) and the frequency (ν) exists the following relation: ν = c / λ where c is the speed of light is about 300 000 km / s.

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