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What is Avogadro’s number in chemistry with example?

Avogadro’s number example with definition avogadro’s number example

Avogadroes number definition and examples are listed here.It is a collection of 6.02×10^23 particles. It is represented by symbol NA. Hence the 6.02×10^23 number of atoms, molecules or formula units is called Avogadroes number that is equal to one mole of the substance. Let us consider a few examples. avogadro’s number example

Avogadro’s number examples

  • 6.02×10’23 atoms of carbon equivalent to one mole of carbon
  • 6.02×10^23 molecules of water are equivalent to one mole of water. avogadro’s number example
  • 6.02×10^23 formula units of Nacl are equivalent to one mole of Nacl.

avogadro's number exampleAmaedo Avogadro born in Italy in 1776 and died in 1856..He was an Italian scholar.Avogadro,s law or moleculer theory was the base of his famicity.In tribute to him the number of particles (atoms, molecules, ions) in mole of a substance 6.02×10^23 is called as Avogadroes constant after his name.

A lot of scientists agreed that Avogadroes number of particles are present in one molar mass of a substance. Thus mole quatitaviley defined as “It is the atomic mass, molecular mass or formula mass of a substance represented in grams. It is abbreviated as”mol”. avogadro’s number example

It is revealed that mass of the substance is May be atomic mass, molecular mass or formula mass. All these masses are represented by amu(atomic mass units)

They are called as molar masses when these are expressed in grams.

Relationship between mole and mass

Number of moles=known mass of substance /molar mass of substance avogadro’s number example


Mass of substance =number of moles ×molar mass

Examples related to Avogadroes number and mole avogadro’s number example

Calculate the number of moles in 40g of H3PO4?

Given mass of H3PO4=40g

Molecular mass of H3pO4=98g mol-1

Number of moles=40/98=0.408 mole

Gram atomic mass

The expression of an element in grams is gram atomic mass or gram atom or mole. e.g.

1g atom of hydrogen =1.008g=1mole of hydrogen atoms

Gram moleculer mass or gram molecule

When an element or compounds moleculer mass expressed in grams is called gram molecule or mole. e. g

1g molecule of H2=2.0=1 mol of hydrogen molecules.

Gram formula mass or gram formula

When an ionic compounds formula mass expressed in grams is called gram formula or mole. e.g.

1g formula mass of Nacl =58.5=1 mole of Nacl.

The atomic mass, molecular mass or formula mass of a substance represented in grams is called mole.


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