Basic chemistry

In this chapter we study about chemistry and importance of chemistry ,molecules,compounds

  1. Types of compounds?

  2. What is molecule?

  3. What is chemistry?

  4. What is the importance of chemistry?

  5. What is Avogadroes number?

  6. What is oxidation number?

  7. What are oxides?

  8. How does click chemistry work?

  9. Facts of chemistry?

  10. HCL definition?

  11. Bronsted Lowery theory?

  12. Atomic structure worksheet?

  13. Lewis theory of acid and bases?

  14. Arrhenius theory of acidand bases?

  15. Ka to pka?

  16. Types of solids?

  17. A new exotic state of matter?

  18. Allotropy definition?

  19. The states of matter?

  20. How do matches ignite?

  21. History of phosphorus?

  22. What is smog?

  23. Chemists have been able to reconstruct an egg?

  24. Uses of sulphuric acid?

  25. Chemical reaction with example?

  26. Branches of chemistry?

  27. How to convert kelvin to celsius?

  28. Convertion of forenhiet to kelvin?

  29. Why does ice takes up more space than liquid water?

  30. Why does an eraser erase the pencil?

  31. Chemical equation is balanced when?

  32. Droplet,s of water spontaniously produce hydrogen peroxide?

  33. Electronic configuration in periodic table?

  34. Vsepr theory?
  35. Facts about oxygen?

  36. How does solar cells work?

  37. Bohr model of atom?

  38. Tyndall effect definition?

  39. What is pkb in chemistry?

  40. Atomic weight definition?

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