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Which are the foods to fight cancer?

Best foods to fight cancer?

Best foods to fight cancer:

Best foods to fight cancer are listed here by which you can find easily that which foods are best for you.

Eating foods that contain cancer- fighting properties is an effective strategy that protects many of us from cancer.

The American Cancer Society recommends eating 5 servings of vegetables and fruits a day, to maintain an ideal weight..

Some studies have even found that there are foods that help fight cancer without others.

Foods that help fight cancer:

1- Garlic:
Research has shown that people who eat large quantities of garlic have fewer chances of developing cancer than others.

Especially gastrointestinal cancer such as esophageal cancer, pharyngeal cancer or colon cancer.

Garlic contains substances that prevent division and multiply the number Cancer cells in the body.

2- Berries: 
Berries contain powerful antioxidants, thus protecting against the effect of free radicals that destroy cells.

Berries contain substances that prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Therefore you must eat a handful of berries, whether it is cranberries, strawberries or blueberries.

3. Tomatoes:
Research shown that eating men tomatoes protects against infection with cancer prostate where tomatoes contain compounds protect DNA.

DNA in cells from damage, as tomatoes contain a high percentage of antioxidant with strong effect substance called substance lycopene.

But body can Absorb more lycopene by eating tomato sauce.

4- Cruciferous vegetables:
Cruciferous vegetables  as cabbage, broccoli ,cauliflower  contain materials that fight free radicals that cause damage to some cells.

Even help protect the body from chemicals that cause cancer and even kill cancer cells.

5. Green Tea:
Contains green tea substances called catechins , which fights cancer several ways which inhibit effect free radicals on body.

But research has shown that substance catechins cause shrinkage of cancer cells even reduce cancer cell growth rate.

6- Whole grains:
According to the American Cancer Research Institute, whole grains are one of the foods that help fight cancer.

They contain fiber and antioxidants that fight colon and rectal cancer, and whole grains include barley, oats, brown bread, brown pasta.

7- Turmeric :
That orange herb, which is the basis of Indian dishes, contains curcumin.

This substance inhibits the growth of some types of cancer and even causes the shrinkage of some cancer cells.

8- Leafy vegetables:
such as spinach and lettuce contain lutein, which is an antioxidant substance.

Studies conducted at the American Institute for Cancer Research have shown that leafy vegetables help fight cancer.

9- Grapes:
The skin of red grapes contains a substance called resveratrol.

Which is an antioxidant substance that prevents the formation and spread of cancer cells.

And even eating reasonable amounts of it, especially in men, helps prevent prostate cancer.

10- Beans and pulses:
Red kidney beans especially contain fiber and powerful antioxidants that reduce and fight cancer.

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