The branch of chemistry in which we study the chemical reaction taking place inside the body of organisms.

In  this chapter we study about different chemical reactions and about protiens,carbohydrates,nucleic acid,lipds etc.

  1. Define protiens?

  2. What are vitamins?

  3. What are nucleic acids?

  4. Define lipids?

  5. What are the types of waterborne diseases?

  6. What are cabohydrates?

  7. What are biogeochemical cycles?

  8. What is cellular respiration?

  9. Describe the unsaturated fatty acids present in food?

  10. What are red blood cells?

  11. What are fossils?

  12. What is garlic good for your health?

  13. Is pencilline is an antibiotic?

  14. The use of green electricity to reduce our energy dependencies?

  15. Fuel made from biomass made economical by a smart concept?

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