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How to romove blood stains from clothes?

Blood stain removal from clothes

Ways to remove blood stains from clothes?


Blood stain removal from clothes:

Blood stain removal from clothes here different methods are listed.Many of us find it difficult to remove blood stains from clothes.

But blood stains must be removed carefully so that clothes do not damage.

The use of hot water or chemicals should be avoided, and there are 4 ways to get rid of blood stains from clothes.

Methods for removing blood stains from clothes:

1- Using soap and water:
Moisten the blood stain with a little cold water, and if the blood stain is large, the clothes can be soaked in a bowl of cold water,

Do not use lukewarm or hot water, as it makes it difficult to remove the stains.

By applying a small amount of hand washing liquid or scrub the stain with a solid bar of soap .

Rub the stain with a piece of sponge and repeat the previous steps several times until the blood stain is gone

Then put the clothes in the washing machine and wash them in the normal way with your washing powder for your washing machine.

Note that you do not use warm water in the washing machine, but the blood stains need cold water.

Then dry the clothes in the open air, and do not iron the clothes if the blood stain is still visible, as the ironing process will increase the stability of the blood stain.

2- Washing the blood stain with a salt solution:
Try to get some of the blood stains out by washing them with cold water, then in a separate bowl.

Mix two parts of salt with one part of cold water until a paste of salt is formed, and the amount of salt and water depends on the amount of the stain.

Then put the dough made of salt on the stain, then rub the dough gently on the clothes, then continue until the stain is gone.

Once the stain is removed, rinse the piece of clothing with cold water, then put the clothes in the washing machine and wash it in the normal way with cold water.

3- The use of hydrogen peroxide:
hydrogen peroxide may cause the removal of some of the colors of the wearer.

So it is necessary to try a drop of oxygen water on a part of the clothes to test the degree of tolerance of the clothes to it.

If you notice that the clothes are not affected, use the oxygen water as a way to clean the blood stain from the clothes.

Put half a cup of hydrogen peroxide to half a cup of water, and you can try the solution after diluting it on a small piece of clothing to ensure that the clothes do not hurt.

Then pour the diluted hydrogen peroxide solution on the stain, only you will notice an eruption.

Which confirms the effectiveness of this method and rub the area until the stain is gone and then Clean it with cold water in the usual way.

4- Using ammonia or ammonia:
Put a spoonful of ammonia with half a cup of water, and it must be taken into account that ammonia is a strong substance.

That should be applied only too difficult stains and not used for silk clothes or wool, and the stain will go away within minutes, then rinse it with water.

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