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Borax: the miracle cleaner


Borax is an amazing home cleaning powder


Borax: the miracle cleaner:

Borax: the miracle cleaner it is used in various detergent and cosmetics as cleaning agent here we discussed all about it

Imagine a nice day where you take a trip to the nearest supermarket, and you have a list of things that you need to buy including:

1.Phenol / vinyl to keep your home neat and clean

2.An insecticide to kill all the rodents and pests hiding in your home,

3.A fungicide to remove any kind of fungi in your home.

When you get to the supermarket you will see all these products with flashy ads as if they are all guaranteeing you 100% results.

So at the end of the day you have to buy three different products for three different jobs.

Did you know all these different tasks do not require different products? The only thing you need for these various home jobs is borax !

What is Borax  ?
Borax, also known as borax or sodium borate, sodium tetraborate or sodium tetraborate, is a natural mineral and one of the important compounds of boron,

And it is used in detergents and cosmetics, and also works as an insecticide and fungicide.

Among many other properties, we’ll show you how borax helps keep your home clean :

Domestic pest control :
Insects are one of the most unwanted creatures that resort to our homes, we buy a lot of products to get rid of them of various kinds,

And we spend a lot of money on pest control at least twice a year, and yet borax is considered an insecticide,

And it helps you get rid of All these pests that infiltrate into your home, cockroaches and ants escape from its scent away, and it also repels mice from the house.

If we spray borax powder on the mattress, it eliminates any itching or any of the bed bugs and therefore borax is the best solution to get rid of almost all pests .

Cleaning :
Borax is a compound used in most detergents because it removes stains quite easily.

So borax can be used directly (mixed with water) to remove stains from clothes, brushes, pots and pans.

It can also be added to the detergents that we use to wash clothes for a better cleaning experience.

Also, use borax to remove rust (after mixing it with lemon juice) and so on.

Fungi :
Borax is a powerful antifungal , it kills them and stunts their growth, and borax powder is generally recommended by doctors for everyone who has had a fungal infection.

Because it does not have any side effects because there are no dangerous chemicals mixed with it.

I strongly recommend using borax for any kind of fungal infection, or to get rid of any fungi in our homes in general.

Other uses :
Borax acts as a deodorant, because it kills the bacteria that cause unpleasant odors.

Thus you will be able to get rid of all those annoying odors in your room, refrigerator, bathroom , etc.

And it is also able to kill unnecessary parasites, reptiles, as well as It is used to preserve food in many countries.

Is borax toxic?
Compared to many other chemicals used, borax is not toxic at all, and all the rumors you’ve heard about borax causing cancer are definitely false.

However, it is advised to keep borax, especially borax in powder form, away from children or pets, as they may eat it.

And it can cause problems for them because the pH level of borax is 9, which makes it very alkaline.

Therefore, you can use borax to perform a lot of household tasks, and moreover, borax is not expensive at all and can be used for many purposes.

Which makes it one of the most important products that we must have in our homes.

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