Inorganic chemistry

What is the chemical used in photography?

Describe the method used for photography in ancient times?

What is the chemical used in photography?

Chemistry of photography:

Chemistry of photography is listed below in detail that how we get photographs in early ages and now a days.

Photography in early nineteenth:

In the beginning of 19th century many photographers make crude images by the use of papers which is covered with silver nitrate or silver chloride.

Photography process :

The photos reflect the images of our personalities. The photography process involves the following steps.

Chemical reaction :

When ligt falls on photographic plate then the chemical reaction takes place.

Image formation :

The part or portion where light falls it becomes dark.It is totally depends upon the time of light exposer. The image is then shown on that exposed plate. This method was used in ancient times for developing the images. This method was used for a long time. But this method has drawbacks due to which it is not used latter on.

Drawback :

The photographers in those days darken the photographs with time due to ongoing chemical reaction on them.

Procedure of developing :

The procedure of developing was established later on, to make the image permanent by using Mercury vapours and then washing with sodium hyposulphite(Na2S2O3).

It dissolves the silver iodide from unexposed portion of the plate and the reaction then stops.

Although today technology is more advanced but the basic procedures develop originally are still used in all silver based photography today.

Specification of silver metal:

Pure silver is relatively soft.

Silver metal is usually combined with other metals to produce a more durable product.

Any metal can make up 7.5 % non silver portion of sterling.

Cure should be taken to prevent silver transih in air.

Silver platting is the art of covering a metal with silver.

The layer of silver kept thick depending upon the nature of the object.

Silver may be used for decorative purposes of some industrial applications.

Silver platting also have vast application in industries for prevention of metals.

The most popular these alloys is Sterling Silver which consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

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