What is cobalt?


The cobalt is one of the chemical elements found in the periodic table , its name derives from the German Kobalt , which was later translated into French as cobalt , what its name must; It is one of the metals most used today, as it has several extremely useful functions for the development of different activities that are carried out on a daily basis.


  • Symbol: Co
  • Atomic number: 27
  • Group: 9

What is cobalt?

Cobalt is one of the most common chemical elements in the earth’s crust , it occurs naturally and when observed it can appear sparkling; in the same way, it is common to find it in small parts of the environment, as well as in animals. Likewise, it is a key element for human health.

  • Cobalt history
  • Who discovered it
  • features
  • Cobalt properties
  • What is it for
  • Where is cobalt found
  • Importance

Cobalt history

Cobalt varies in colors according to the environmental states in which it is found since it enters the classification of metals in the periodic table, even before the name by which it is now recognized was placed, it was used since ancient times to perform artistic works, painting ceramics, sculptures, enamels and some glass, since its grayish, red and bluish colors were extremely striking.

In recent years, a prototype of an implant for the hip has been developed with this chemical element, to give more firmness to the prosthesis, however, in people to whom this prototype has been transplanted, they have had a great diversity of consequences and alterations , since the pieces have deteriorated and have broken inside the anatomy, causing severe poisoning, in addition to this it is presumed that these implants spread small cobalt particles in the system due to the friction that occurs when walking .

Who discovered it

This chemical element was discovered by George Brandt in 1737.


Some characteristics of cobalt are the following:

  • It was discovered in the year 1737 .
  • Who discovered it was George Brandt.
  • Its color varies depending on the environment in which it is, however, the most common are bluish, dull gray or reddish.
  • It falls into the metals category of the periodic table.
  • Its atomic number is 27 , it has a designated oxidation state of +3 , its atomic mass is 58.93 grams, and it has a density of 8.9.
  • It can be found in the earth’s crust in small quantities, also in some environmental settings.
  • It is healthy for humans to consume it in small doses , as it helps the body function.
  • From very ancient times, cobalt was commonly used for artistic purposes. This is due to the striking colors that it produced when painting on different surfaces such as rock, ceramics, in its use with sculptures or glass.
  • It is malleable .
  • It is unalterable in the atmosphere at any temperature.
  • It can be found most of all in meteorites and stars , however, the sea is also an option to search for this chemical element.

Cobalt properties

An explanatory table will be presented below, indicating all the properties that cobalt contains as a chemical element:

  • Chemical symbol: Co
  • Atomic number : 27
  • Group: 9
  • Period: 4
  • Block: d
  • Density: 8900 kg / m 3
  • Atomic mass: 58.933200 u
  • Average radius: 135 pm
  • Atomic radius: 152 pm
  • Covalent Radius: 126 pm
  • Electron configuration : [Ar] 3d 7 4s 2
  • Oxidation states: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, -1
  • Crystal structure : hexagonal
  • State: solid
  • Melting point : 1495 ° C
  • Boiling point :  2 900ºC
  • Heat of fusion: 16.19 kJ / mol
  • Vapor pressure:  from 175 Pa to 1768 K
  • Electronegativity: 1.88
  • Specific heat : 420 J / (Kkg)
  • Thermal conductivity : 100 W / (K m)
  • Appearance: metallic
  • Discoverer: George Brandt
  • In what year was it discovered? 1737

What is it for

Cobalt, like many other chemical elements has various functions, with it the following things can be done:

  • Cobalt is commonly used in the preparation of different alloys, in order to be used at high temperatures. It is popular in special alloys for different types of machines and tools.
  • Glass to metal seals can be made .
  • The surgical alloy called Vitallium .
  • It is widely used in industry, medicine, and various investigations in which the chemical element is tested to find more of its qualities.
  • It benefits plants, animals and humans , in small amounts.
  • Helps the formation of red blood cells.
  • It is present in meat, fish, dairy, onion, lentils and some figs.
  • It is a fundamental part of vitamin B12.
  • It can be found in cells and batteries.
  • Although very few people use it in this way, cobalt can also be decorative in certain ways.

Where is cobalt found

It can be found most of all in meteorites and stars , however, the sea is also an option to search for this chemical element.


Cobalt has great relevance today, since it helps the optimal development of industry and medicine at the same time, on the one hand being a useful chemical element to facilitate some manufacturing and on the other, being continuously investigated to recognize qualities in this Metal previously unseen , in addition to all this, cobalt is necessary for the health of plants, animals and humans, although in small quantities, however, that does not mean that it is essential for an effective continuous development.

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