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Corona virus information An overview?

Corona virus types

Corona virus information an overview?


Corona Virus information :

corona virus information
corona virus information

Corona virus information is available in this article.Corona virus is a type of virus that infects the nose, sinuses and upper pharynx, and most types of this virus are not dangerous, but some types are very dangerous, more than 475 people had died as a result of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), which appeared in 2012 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, for the first time.

In addition to other countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe, SARS is also a cause of one of the types of Corona virus, and this syndrome led to a major pandemic in 2003, and since 2015, no new cases have been reported from SARS virus, can offer tic treatment Reducing the symptoms of this virus and reducing its risk.


 Corona virus symptoms:

corona virus information
coronavirus symptoms

Corona virus – which includes 229E, NL63, OC43 and HKU1 types – usually causes mild to moderate symptoms that occur in the respiratory tract, and these symptoms are similar to common cold symptoms , and most people get this type of virus at some point in their life once Least, these diseases usually last for an extended period of time, and symptoms of coronavirus infection include the following:

1. Runny nose .

2.  A headache.


4.Sore throat .


6.A general feeling of discomfort.

Corona virus can cause diseases of the lower respiratory tract, such as pneumonia and bronchitis, and this often occurs in people with heart disease and people with an immune system disorder, in addition to infants and the elderly.

Causes of infection with corona virus:

The path of transmission of the virus from animals to humans is not completely understood, but Arab camels can be the main store of the virus for the type MERS-CoV, as an animal source of human infection, and strains have been isolated from the MERS-CoV virus, which are quite similar to those that infect People are from Arab camels in several countries, including Egypt, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

While the virus is transmitted from human to human only with close direct contact, such as providing non-sterile medical care to an infected person, and some cases have occurred – in health care organizations – in which the virus was transmitted by human-human contact,

Especially when the means of virus prevention and control were It is not completely studied or applied, and cases of infection from one person to another are limited to this day, and they are confined to family members, hospital patients and health workers, and while most MERS cases have occurred in health care organizations, no case has been documented.

Transmission of the virus between Singled out another:

Since 2012, injuries have been recorded in 27 countries around the world, including 12 Arab countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Almost 80% of cases are registered only in Saudi Arabia, and this happens a lot due to direct contact with the affected Arab camels, and most of the injuries occur outside the Middle East by people who were injured and then traveled abroad.

Corona virus diagnosis:

Often the health care official requests laboratory and blood tests for respiratory and blood samples to determine infection with the Coronavirus, especially when the infection is as severe as that occurring in MERS.

Medical care professionals in the region should always be informed when traveling to areas where the Corona virus is spreading or in contact with animals that may be infected, most of the infections with the virus have been recorded in the Arabian Peninsula, so any contact with the Arab camel may lead to infection, and must Mention it when mentioning the doctor’s clinical story.

Corona virus treatment:

There is no effective treatment for the diseases caused by the Corona virus. Most infected people recover from the disease on their own, but to alleviate the symptoms, some measures can be taken. These procedures include the following:

1.Take pain relieving medications

2 .   you should avoid giving aspirin to children.

3 .Moisturizing the room and making a hot bath to try to reduce the severity of sore throats and coughs .

4.When the injury is mild, the patient can also do the following:

5.Drink plenty of fluids.

6.  Stay home and take a break from work.

7.And when symptoms are severe,you should consult a doctor to provide the best advice.

Corona virus prevention:

Researchers are working on a vaccine that protects against the dangerous strains of the Corona virus, but no study has been done on human trials, and since there is no effective treatment against this virus, prevention measures should always be taken as much as possible, and among the actions that the person who Caring for the sufferer to prevent corona virus is the following:

1. Wash hands frequently after any activity with the affected person.

2.Wear protective gloves when dealing with the fluids of the affected person, such as blood or sweat.

3.Wearing protective masks when the person is in the room with the person affected.

5.Disinfection of surfaces suspected to carry the virus.

6.Wash all special tools such as utensils and bed linen used by the patient.

7.These steps must be followed for 10 days after the symptoms of the disease have passed, and children should be prevented from going to school when they notice fever or breathing problems after they have contacted an infected patient.

Corona virus types:

There are many types of corona virus in general, and these types can differ with the severity of the disease they cause and the spread of them among patients and people. There are currently about 6 known types of corona viruses that can infect humans, and the most common of these types are the following:

[1 ] Type 229E, which is an alpha virus.

[2]Type NL63, which is an alpha virus.

[3]Type OC43, which is a beta virus.

[4 ]Type HKU1, which is a beta virus.

[5]MERS-CoV virus

For the rare and most dangerous types of this virus, there is the MERS-CoV virus, which causes Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome,

[6] The SARS-CoV virus, which causes severe acute respiratory syndrome.


coronavirus information
The new coronavirus


New Corona Virus:


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), several cases of pneumonia were reported on December 31, 2019, December 31, 2019, in Wuhan – or Wuhan – the capital city of Hubei Province in China, and this virus has not been known or Its approach to any of the other known viruses, and this raises concern about many aspects of health.

When detecting a new virus in general, experts do not know at first how it is transmitted and how it affects humans, and after a week of reports, that is, on the seventh of January of the year 2020, the

Chinese authorities have confirmed that they are specified P virus that causes those cases of pneumonia, has been classified as Corona viruses, a family of viruses that includes those causing the common cold and other viruses , as previously noted.

It has been agreed temporarily to name the new corona virus as 2019-nCoV, and WHO is constantly working in cooperation with the Chinese authorities and international experts from the day the cases were reported, in order to know the causes of this virus and how it infects humans, in addition to trying to reach

A cure for it, and what can be done by countries around the world about this new Corona virus.

How to transmit new corona virus:

There is a group of corona viruses – which includes the new corona virus – in many animal species, such as camels, livestock, cats and bats, and in rare cases, viruses in these animals can infect humans and then transmit between humans – that is, the transmission from human to Other.

As in the cases of MERS and SARS, and in many cases in people with pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus in Wuhan, China, cases have been linked to shopping centers selling seafood and live animals, suggesting that this virus can be transmitted from animal to humans

And for you As this problem progressed and developed, the number of infected people who did not come into contact with the animal selling markets increased, suggesting that the new Corona Virus 2019 could also be transmitted from one person to another.

It is worth noting that when the transmission of viruses that cause both MERS and SARS between humans occurred, it was believed that the transmission was made by respiratory secretions that are released when the patient coughs or sneezes, and this is similar to the spread of influenza and other pathogens related to the respiratory system.

Viruses were generally caused by close interpersonal contact.It is necessary to note that the ease of spread of the virus between one person and another can vary depending on the virus, some viruses are contagious to a large extent, as in measles ,

For example, while some of the other viruses have stood less for transmission and infection among people, and it is not even clear .

Now the ease of transmission of the new Corona virus between people, and therefore it is necessary to understand this matter well in order to realize the danger associated with this virus in general, there is a lot of information that experts and researchers must know and investigate about the new Corona virus, and specifically about the transmission and severity of the virus and some class T other owned.

The new Corona virus spreads among countries .The number of people infected with the new virus from the Coruna family in China continued to increase in the twenty-second of the first month of 2020,

In conjunction with the work of official organizations there to control the spread of the virus in general, more than 440 cases were diagnosed with certainty, and 17 were identified Of the deaths caused by this virus in China,

According to a global news agency, and this number is more than on the day before that it has recorded 300 new cases and 6 deaths until the 21st of the first month of 2020.

Therefore, the official authorities in China had advised not to travel to and out of Wuhan, the city where the disease began, and in addition to those cases that were diagnosed in China, the infection was diagnosed when traveling to Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and on the 21st of the month.

The first 2020, the first case of this virus was diagnosed in the United States of America, by a person from Washington State who had recently traveled from Wuhan, China, and the CDC in the United States of America is working to investigate the infection in people close to that patient, And that is from Diagnosis of gel have if any.

Can the new corona virus be treated?

Corona viruses of various types can be transmitted between humans by coughing or sneezing or by close contact between the infected person and the healthy person, such as skin contact or even shaking hands, and infection can also occur by touching the bodies or surfaces that carry the virus,

It is possible that Coronavirus infection generally occurs at all times of the year, except that infection with the common types occurs mainly in autumn and winter, and infection may occur with one or more types of Corona virus in a person’s life, and since the current new disease has occurred as a result of a viral infection, it is even today now.

There is an effective drug that can eliminate or cure it.Therefore, the CDC does not recommend giving any of the anti-viral drugs in relation to the treatment of the 2019-nCoV virus, but patients with this virus should obtain supportive and symptomatic treatments in order to improve their symptoms,

And for severe cases of infection, treatment It should include care and effectiveness of vital organs in the body, so people who suspect exposure to this virus should contact a doctor immediately to take appropriate action.

Advice for doctors regarding the new Corona virus:

The CDC recommends that doctors obtain a detailed history of all travel operations made by a patient with a fever with respiratory symptoms, as it should be thought of the presence of 2019-nCoV virus in patients with these symptoms who were in Wuhan, China

On the first day of December 2019 – i.e. December 1, 2019 – and beyond, in addition to the onset of symptoms within two weeks of leaving the city, the infection control center in the area in addition to the local health department must be informed immediately

Although the methods of transmission of the new coronavirus have not been established with certainty yet, the CDC recommends careful communication with patients suspected of being infected with this virus, and the patient should be asked to develop a surgical mask continuously as soon as he is diagnosed with the infection,

And the condition of the patient with A special room with the door closed in it, and in ideal conditions, patients are evaluated in isolation rooms that are free of diseases, and those who enter this room must take basic preventive measures, and wear eye glasses or transparent face covers.

It can be said that many cases can be expected and diagnosed in the coming days, including many cases in the United States of America – and perhaps in other countries – and given that this has happened with other types of corona viruses such as MERS and SARS,

The transition from one person to another will continue to happen with respect to the new Corona virus.

Prevention of the new corona virus:

Currently, there is no effective vaccine to prevent coronavirus infection 2019, the best way to prevent the virus is to stay away from exposure to the virus in general, and at the present time, cases of spread of the new corona virus have not been diagnosed in the USA, so CDC was not recommended to take and preventive measures by people in general,

But as a reminder, recommends that the Center for Disease control and prevention always CDC to carry out daily actions that help prevent viruses that infect the respiratory tract, where it can do what comes to avoid the spread of many types of viruses:

[1] Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and when soap and water are not available, manual alcohol-based sterilizers can be used.

[2]Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

[3]Avoid direct contact with patients.

[4]Stay home if you get sick.

[5]Cover what comes out of the spray while coughing or sneezing with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the garbage.

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