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What is the difference between iron cast iron and steel?

Difference between Cast iron and steel ?


If they are sometimes confused, iron, cast iron and steel are indeed three distinct materials. The first is actually part of the composition of the other two.

The iron is a chemical element Fe symbol. This is a metal stream, white, hard and ductile.

Iron, an abundant chemical element

difference between cast iron and steel

The iron is a large part of the Earth’s core and, in fact, the mass of our planet. In the earth’s crust , it is mainly found in the form of oxides such as hematite (Fe 2 O 3 ) or magnetite (Fe 3 O 4 ).

 Men have learned to work around the XII th century BC. BC, precisely marking the beginning of the Iron Age .

Cast iron, an iron alloy rich in carbon

cast iron

In industry, iron is rarely used in its pure state. It is used in the composition of several alloys, one of the main ones being cast iron .

This alloy is composed of iron and carbon up to 2% to 6.67%. When, in cast iron , carbon is in the form of graphite lamellae , we speak of gray cast iron.

Contrary to popular belief, cast iron is no heavier than iron.

It has a density between 6,800 and 7,400 kilograms per cubic meter while iron is located at 7,860 kilograms per cubic meter. Cast iron is no heavier than steel either – of which it can be a precursor – with a density very close to that of iron.

Steel, an iron-carbon alloy;

difference between cast iron andsteel
grey steel lockers

Steel is the other main alloy of iron. It also incorporates a share of carbon: between 0.02% and 2% of the total mass of the piece of steel .

 Once quenched, steel becomes even harder than iron. It takes most of its properties from its carbon content.

When this increases, the hardness of the alloy improves and its elongation at break decreases.

The addition of other elements, such as chromium or nickel , also makes it possible to modify the physical properties of steel.

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