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What does your digit ratio say about you?

Digit ratio?

What does your digit ratio say about you?

Digit ratio:

Digit ratio
Digit ratio

Digit ratio:What does your digit ratio say about your body is listed below in the article.How your fingers predict everything from penis size to sexual orientation?


Men (and women, for that matter) have always associated penis size with other body sizes, and it seems that this has happened since the development of our ability to speak.

But for the most part, this link has not been found. Body height and shoe size characteristics correlate with penis size much less than we thought.

In any case, Life Science states that – interestingly enough – the length of a man’s index finger is an accurate indication of what he is holding underneath.

The remarkable link has been observed in many studies, but one of the most prominent studies has been done at Gail Hospital of Gachon University in South Korea.

Researchers measured the length of the index fingers and penises of 144 volunteers and found that this association was indeed consistent.

The greater the difference between the length of a man’s index finger and ring finger, the more likely he is to increase the length of his penis.

While scientists are still not sure what causes this association, they believe it may have something to do with exposure to hormones before birth.

An exciting group of fingers:

All of this issue from exposure to testosterone in the womb isn’t just related to the larger penis. It’s also associated with more attractive male faces in general.

A study from the University of Geneva in Switzerland found that the ratio between the length of a man’s index finger and ring finger is a good sign of how masculine his facial features are, and this of course almost always predicts how attractive a male is.

“What we found is that a 2D:4D ratio can predict facial attractiveness.

The more manly the 2D: 4D, the more attractive the face became, ”said Camille Ferdinze, a researcher on the study.

The ratio is also related to voice frequency, body odor, and sperm quality.

Aside from revealing sexual arousal, fingers have also been found to provide clues to a person’s sexual orientation.

The link between finger ratio and sexual orientation may be further evidence that a person’s sexual orientation is not a choice but a specific issue before birth.

One study found that, on average, gay men and women had smaller proportions than heterosexual men and women [attracted to the opposite sex], suggesting that sexual orientation may be partly influenced by prenatal testosterone levels.

“We can be sure from a large number of studies in humans and animals that the numerical ratio is affected by exposure to testosterone before birth.

This result suggests a link between the hormones that a fetus is exposed to in the womb and sexual orientation during puberty, ”said Professor of Psychology John Manning, from the University of Central Lancashire.

Disease risk:

All finger analyzes may seem to favor men who have a greater difference between index and ring fingers, but there is rather good news for men who have more equal hands with fingers: you are more likely to survive prostate cancer.

According to the Medical Daily website, researchers in Korea have found that men with shorter fingers – and thus a smaller difference between ring and index fingers – respond better to anti-tumor medications.

Again, this all depends on your testosterone levels.
Dustaturide is a prostate cancer drug that works by blocking the effects of testosterone on the prostate.

Men with lower testosterone levels require blocking in smaller amounts, so it is more likely that the drug will work as needed.
Besides anticipating a man’s response to prostate cancer medications, the finger can anticipate the risk of developing aortic stiffness, a common risk factor for heart disease.

Gary Pierce, assistant professor in the Department of Health and Human Physiology at the University of Iowa, is behind the new method for determining aortic health.

The operation involves placing a transducer on a finger or arm and combining the results with the person’s age and body mass index, as reported by the Medical Daily website.

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