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How is medical waste disposed of?

Disposal of medical waste ?


How is medical waste disposed of?

Disposal of medical waste
Medical waste disposal

Disposal of  medical waste is both a health problem and an environmental concern. Some are recyclable , others are not.

What is medical waste?

Medical waste refers to all waste from healthcare activities:

1. hospitals,

2.healthcare establishments,

3.medical analysis laboratories,

4.doctors’ offices,

5.veterinary clinics, etc.

They also include waste from home care.

Recyclable medical waste and others

There are two kinds of medical waste. On the one hand, so-called “hotel” waste, harmless to human health or the environment, which is comparable to household waste ( glass , paper, packaging plastic ). These can be recycled through the usual channels.

As for waste from healthcare activities at risk of infection (Dasri), it is essential that they be collected and destroyed ( most often by incineration ). We can cite sharp or sharp objects, blood products, therapeutic products, anatomical waste, etc.

Alternative solutions to incineration:

The incineration of infectious-risk medical waste , although effective, has its own ecological drawbacks. New solutions have appeared in recent years, such as steam sterilization or microwave disinfection, followed by waste grinding .

 These operations make it possible to transform infectious risk waste into household waste, which can therefore be recycled by conventional channels.


The sorting, storage and transport of medical waste is highly regulated. Refer to the provisions of the Public Health Code.

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