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electric heating and global warming what it is really?

Electrical heating and global warming


Electrical heating and global warming what it is really?

In France, heating accounts for a large part of household energy consumption. Thus, in the context of global warming, the choice of an efficient heating mode appears today more than ever crucial. With the primary objective of limiting greenhouse gas emissions from the systems on the market. Among them, the sometimes decried electric heating.

In metropolitan France, the energy consumption of the housing stock accounts for nearly one third of the total final energy consumed. And heating accounts for two-thirds of this consumption. Heating gas especially, oil still a little, wood , but more and more electricity. About 40% of French people today have chosen electric heating . Yet, this one still suffers from a bad reputation.

Among the ideas  – rather false – that circulate, the fact that it is energy, it is expensive and it is not comfortable. But also, more recently, that it is not very ecological. This is probably the case in some countries. However, in France, electricity is mainly produced by nuclear power plants . This electricity can be described as zero carbon . The share of renewable energies (hydroelectric plants, wind turbines and photovoltaic solar panels), for its part, is constantly increasing in our electricity mix. As a result, a house heated with electricity emits an average of 3 times less CO 2 as a gas heated dwelling, for example.

Also, because today’s electric heaters do not have much in common with the “toasters” of the 1970s. They offer good yields. They also provide good indoor air quality . With electric heating indeed, no risk of leakage of liquid or polluting gases such as carbon monoxide . And a pleasant hygrometry preserved in the house.

Electric heating is not very ecological.

Three ecogests to better use its electric heating

All that being said, the first thing to keep in mind is that the heating system that emits the least greenhouse gas is finally … the one that is not lit. Of course, the climate that reigns over France does not allow us to do without it. But it is possible to limit the consumption. First, by isolating well its housing . Both the walls and the roof and of course, the windows . The economy can go up to 60%!

In everyday life, it is necessary to avoid too much raising the temperature in the house: 19 ° C in the living rooms and 17 ° C in the rooms are the temperatures that are called ideal. And, we must hunt bad reflexes: open the windows when the radiators are on, warm up when you’re away, etc.

Finally, it is advisable to opt for a recent electric heating. It will not only be more efficient, allowing you to save – on the order of 15 to 20% energy savings according to the public authorities – but will also bring you a better comfort of life and ‘use. For example, intelligent management systems such as window opening sensors or presence detectors .

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