Environmental Chemistry

The branch of chemistry in which we study components of environment and their effects of human activities on environment is called environmental chemistry.

  1. Where does ozone layer lie in atmosphere?

  2. What is Acid Rain?
  3. Green house effect global warming effects

  4. What are pollutants?

  5. Define atmosphere?

  6. How co2 capturedand processed into raw material?

  7. Electric heating and global warming what it is really?

  8. What fireworks go up in the air?

  9. What is air and its importance?

  10. What are glaciers?

  11. What is the reason for salinity of sea water?

  12. Water as a universal solvent?

  13. Can e- cigarettes cause cancer?

  14. We swallow 5 gram plastic a week?

  15. Tips to save fuel while driving?

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