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Foods that boost immune system?

Foods for immune system?


Foods that boost immune system?

Foods to immune system boost:

Foods to immune system boost
Different sorts of vegetables

Foods to immune system boost are listed below.For several years, Dr. Ahmed Jarrett Barr advised his patients to keep their immune system strong, stressing the importance of exercise, nutrition and sleep, and it is very important to adhere to his advice these days with the threat of the Corona pandemic whose number of victims is increasing every day.

Dr. Jarrett said:

“We do not have a vaccine or treatment that has proven to be effective, so our immune system is our only hope.”

Your strong immune system never means ignoring the precautionary instructions that health experts have mentioned, including: social spacing (preventing mixing), frequent washing of hands, and staying at home as much as possible to avoid infection.

“This is a viral infection that is much stronger than any infection caused by other viruses. If your immune system is strong, you have an advantage in dealing with this infection, in addition to a greater possibility of recovery,” said Marie-Pierre Saint-Ong, assistant professor of nutrition medicine.

Jarrett-Price described his advice on a healthy lifestyle:

“It is medicine that puts you in a protective position. Starting with exercise and its benefit for the heart and blood vessels, as it contributes to improving mental health and reducing stress.

“Exercise has anti-inflammatory benefits, as it promotes cell repair and production, and stimulates the production of immune cells to help tackle diseases,” he added.

In a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine conducted on 1002 of them who exercise and not sports, it was found that practitioners – at least five times a week – had a higher chance of avoiding catching a cold compared to those inactive and those who were ill, had mild symptoms.

“You have to do some exercise in your home or in the backyard,” said Jarrett. “It is great to increase your heartbeat with exercise.”

 What should we eat to strengthen our immune system - how to boost the immune system - foods that increase the strength of our immune system - body resistance to disease
What should we eat to strengthen our immune system

Nutrition occupies an important role in maintaining immunity. About 70% of the immune system is in the intestine, and Jarrett says: “We have to bring home the concept of medicine into food again.”

Dr. Jarrett advised healthy foods that may sound familiar, but deserve to be repeated, including:

  •  the Garlic.
  •  Leafy greens like spinach.
  •  Citrus fruits such as lemons.
  •  Nuts.
  •  Berries.
  •  Foods rich in Vitamin C, E, and E, such as oranges, avocados, and pistachios.

Jarrett said: “Healthy food benefits your immune system as a whole and gives your body adequate rest.”

“A sufficient amount of sleep boosts the immune system at a more rate compared to irregular sleep,” said Marie-Pierre, who has conducted numerous studies on the relationship between sleep and body health.

In a study published in 2015 in the journal Sleep, researchers booked 164 healthy volunteers in a hotel, and each was given a nasal drop containing the nasal virus that causes colds.

Those who slept less than five hours at night were found to have a four and a half times greater chance of catching a cold than those who slept more than seven hours at night.

A lot of disturbing news about the Corona pandemic makes sleeping at night comfortable by hard. Therefore, Dr. Mary recommends activities that help you relax before bed. Mary said: “Do not listen to the widespread statistics and stay away from TV for some time. ».

One of the advantages of the current crisis is that you do not have to go to work, so you can enjoy more sleep and rest.

Pointing to another benefit of this crisis, Jarrett said: “We always point out that hand washing prevents the spread of germs, and now we have made sure that it prevents the spread of a deadly disease. When we cross over to the other bank, we will have a healthier community.

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