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Formalin definition,information and uses?

Formalin definition?


Formalin definition:

Formalin definition, information and uses of formalin are listed below by which you can find it easier.

Information about formalin:

Formalin is one of the famous chemicals that are used in many purposes, and this substance has many other names, as its regular name is methanal, and it has many other names such as formol, formaldehyde and ants aldehyde, and the molecular formula for it is: CH 2 O,

and its molar mass is 30.03 g / mol, and density 0.8153 g / cm 3  (-20 ° o), be colorless gas form, and the boiling point is its own -19 ° C, the melting point are -117 ° C, which is dissolved substance in Water, as it dissolves in ether and ethanol, an organic compound that belongs to aldehydes, and it is a flammable substance,and in this article we will mention information about formalin.

About formalin:

This substance is considered as an aqueous solution containing 40% formaldehyde.

It is used as a tissue preservative, as well as for embalming corpses . One of its most important chemical properties is that it burns completely with an excess of oxygen gas, according to the following equation:

CH 2 O + O 2  → CO 2  + H 2 O + O2,

and it is easily oxidized in the oxygen of the air and forms formic acid, for this reason must be This substance is stored in an airtight container so that it does not react.

Alexander Butlervo:

This substance was manufactured for the first time by Alexander Butlerov, in the year 1855 A.D., and its official spread was by the German scientist August Wilhelm von Hoffmann, in 1867, when he conducted or prepared a reaction using the dehydrogenation reaction of methanol.

This substance is found in products containing carbon, which burn incompletely, for example smoke from forest fires, tobacco smoke and car smoke.

Formalin can be produced industrial:

Formalin can be produced industrially by catalytic oxidation of methanol. Most of these catalytic materials are a mixture of iron oxides with vanadium and molybdenum, in addition to silver.

It is classified as a substance that can cause cancer , and it causes irritation of the mucous membranes, irritation of the eyes, and conjunctivitis, and causes difficulty breathing and headache in addition to pain in the throat.

Uses of formalin:

1.It is used in the biological and medical field, because the bacteria lose their ability and weaken them, which increases the body’s immunity to many diseases, after being injected with the bacteria that cause the disease, which is weak.

2.It is used as a disinfectant in veterinary medicine, as well as for sterilizing tanks. It is considered a preservative material for human and animal corpses, for the use of corpses and their dissection. It is used in dentistry.

3.They are used to produce chemicals and polymers, as well as to produce permanent resins and adhesives.

4.It is used in the manufacture of carpets, false eyelash gum, explosives and paint. Share the article.

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