Basic chemistry

Why is gold au on the periodic table?

Gold au

Why is gold au on the periodic table?

Gold au:

Gold au is the symbol used in chemistry.Gold au is a chemical element present in the periodic table


2.Gold Finder

3.How to extract the buried gold

4.Inferring the existence of gold

5.hidden treasures still lost gold


1.Gold au:

gold shiny item

Gold is defined as a chemical element found in the periodic table among the transitional elements , and gold is distinguished as one of the precious metals that people, especially women, love to possess, and it is found in nature in the form of grains found in rocks or buried in the ground, but obtaining them is difficult and requires equipment

And high-quality techniques to reveal its location as people searching for gold are distinguished by patience and the ability to discover the whereabouts of gold, and how to extract buried gold will be discussed in this article.

[2] Gold Finder:

Before talking about how to extract buried gold, it is necessary to determine the location in which the gold is buried under the ground, and the location can be determined using several methods, including a metal detector, which is one of the best ways to search for buried gold, and the buried gold is not searched randomly, but a geological survey must be done.

Or by studying geographical mapsTo identify potential locations where gold is present, and when searching using a metal detector, the device can give a signal for the presence of a metal other than gold, such as iron,

For example, so the device must have a high frequency, as the high frequency is more capable of detecting gold metal, and there are devices that determine the depth of the metal before starting to drill, which helps Knowing the depth of digging,

The person must be skilled in using a metal detector and be able to distinguish between the sounds that are issued by the device according to the metal that you have discovered.

When using it to search for buried gold, he must be close to the surface of the earth and scan the whole area until You only cover the whole area when searching for gold, so gold is little and it can be a big loot with which a person can become rich.

[3] How to extract the buried gold:

The process of extracting gold includes several methods, including the extraction of gold from its raw materials while it is in the ground, or it can be extracted as burials that were buried by their owners long ago, such as the Turks or Jews and put marks for them to return to later,

The burials may be precious metals such as gold, silver and jewelry Precious or metal utensils or pottery or glass utensils, but finding gold is the best for treasure hunters.

Before starting to talk about how to extract buried gold, it is necessary to know whether or not the gold is detected, as the extraction of the detected gold without deciphering the monitoring may the life of a person exposed to the danger or death,

After locating the presence of gold by metals or the presence of circulating signs among the people , such as picking grapes detector or pattern Cross is drilling for gold is buried, and how to extract gold buried it as follows:

[4] By knowing the type of buried gold:

It is possible to estimate the amount of buried gold, so the process of extracting the buried gold should be economically rewarding and profitable, so that the cost of extracting gold and bringing in the equipment and equipment required for digging is much less than the value of gold to achieve the purpose of extracting this gold.

The detection devices for the presence of gold in the ground must be intact and give correct results without any errors, and it is best to have the device tested before by one of them to ensure that the gold is obtained.

Determine the area in which gold is likely to exist and not dig randomly, which is often near an archaeological place, rocks with signs of gold, deserted caves, giant rocks or dry water bodies, and these signs can be observed by eye without the need for a device, but there is a need for

An expert to know exactly where the gold is located. Start digging in places where there is likely to be gold using an ax, and make sure not to damage the buried treasure, which may not be gold but has a high material value, such as gold.

4.Inferring the existence of gold:

After knowing how to extract the buried gold, it should be noted that there are many signs and signals that people are looking for to find out if there is gold in this place or not,

These signals are left by the real owners of gold to return to their gold, but this is very difficult because they left without return, and it is possible Inferring the presence of gold through termites, as termites build their nests near precious metals such as gold,

Australian scientists studied termite nests and analyzed their mass spectrum and found that they contain a high percentage of gold, and as digging to search for gold is very expensive

The presence of termites will help determine the area to be searched and how to extract the gold buried in it, and there are studies on the possibility of gold in termite excrement as many insects store minerals in their bodies and get rid of them when needed.

[5] Hidden treasures are still lost:

Since buried gold is a treasure of the treasures of a country and it was hidden and when searching for it was not found, such buried treasures express the history of a nation

It is very important to find it and from the treasures that have been found such as the crown jewels in Ireland, pink diamonds, and the mysterious treasure in the sea.

The dead, and among some of the buried treasures that were found and then disappeared and did not appear yet are the following:

1.The amber room, in which valuable paintings were stolen, has not yet been found.

2.Menkaure’s decorated coffin, which was stolen and transported to England, but sank in the sea and was not found.

3.Japanese sword, which was important in Japan’s history and was likely destroyed by the Americans.

4.The Library of the Tsars in Moscow, which had lost all its books and various texts.

5.Irish Crown Jewels that were encrusted with precious jewels that were stolen and not yet recovered.

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