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Heroes Strike Mod APK

Heroes Strike Mod Offline Apk is a new game that has conquered the world. This is an action RPG that punishes you as a hero and lets you level up heroes, collect legendary gear, and battle with other players for glory! Download Heroes Strike Mod APK now and enjoy hours of fun with this addictive game.

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Heroes Strike is a hack and slash game where you can play as one of many heroes. You will be able to choose between different classes, each class has its own abilities and advantages. This game also has an in-game store where you can use earned coins to complete tasks such as quests or defeat enemies to purchase new gear and upgrades. With this modded app, you will be able to unlock all these features without spending real money!

Download APK
Download APK

Heroes Strike Mod APK Additional Information

Name:Heroes Strike
Category:Entertainment App, Games, Action, MOBA
Latest Version:522
Package Name:
Updated on:August 24, 2021
MD5:Unlimited Gold/Gems
Requirements:Android 4.2+
Developed By:WolfFun
File Size:148.4 MB

What is Heroes Strike Mod APK?

Heroes Strike Offline APK is a free game that combines two of the most popular modern modes: Battle Royale and MOBA. This mobile version has everything you need for a great gaming experience! With its new features like Bat Royal mode with up to 18 players 3V3 matches every month; There’s no better time than now to download the Heroes Strike offline APK app on your Android device today!


  • 3V3 Moba Shooter Game-Play for free with real escort spirit, you get it.
  • Unique PVP combat style with the perfect balance of fun and depth.
  • Designed for free.
  • As a mobile player, you will love this game.

MOD Features

However, this apk version is not as good as you might think. However, you can build on your training plan so that you can become a fighter when you go to MVP games online. You can do this with endless fun:

  • Limited money.
  • Unlimited pearls.
  • VIP open.
  • Unlock all weapons and characters.

Modern and trendy game mode

  • Modern MOBA3 V3.
  • 12 Players Battle Royale.
  • 8 king games.
  • And many modes that are updated monthly.

As a MOBA player, you will love this game with the little things!

  • A fair with simple and easy-to-read rules, even though it is a mid-game of “All Now Skills”.
  • Simple controls for a simple gaming experience.
  • Balanced characters and skills.
  • New content is always displayed (new heroes, skins, abilities, arenas, mods.
  • Team Free: We have servers all over the world.
  • A fun program that’s always available, with lots of opportunities to do it right.
  • War calls your name! Plan your strategy, fight alongside your teammates, and climb in the league.

Incredible 3v3 fighting style strikes the perfect balance of fun and depth:

  • Equip your hero with the ultimate hero ability with two optional abilities that are the right combination of strategy and action.
  • 4-minute short match-travel, sports.
  • A large collection of each hero with unique attacks and abilities (anger).
  • Several options of different types: attack, defense, stunning, support.

Designed for free!

  • 5 different skills to start with a powerful hero in each class.
  • Generous rewards, easy development.
  • All items are free to use.


Hero Strike Offline-MOBA and Battle Royale – Multiplayer Action – A full battle of three or three and many characters. By selecting one of the available characters, the player takes part in a fascinating battle with a real opponent. Each match lasts 4 minutes, which improves the dynamics of the game. Each character sent has a balanced performance, allowing the player to choose their own device. Moreover, all users expect lots of maps, colorful graphics and easy control.

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