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How does love affects the brain?

Love and brain

How does love affects the brain?

Five ways in which love affects brain :

Five ways in which love affects brain are listed here briefly by the way you can clear your doubts about the brain affects.

Love is not seen with eyes :

Five ways in which love affects brain
How does love affects the brain?

“Love is not seen with the eyes but with the mind,” Helena V-a character from the Midsummer Night Dream plays for Shakespeare. Perhaps neuroscientists agree with that.

Love may seem to move in mysterious ways:

Love may seem to move in mysterious ways, but there is already a very good idea among scientists about what love does to the brain.

Falling in love provides the brain with chemicals and hormones that produce feelings of pleasure, possession and attachment, and this is a look at five ways in which love affects the brain:

Five ways in which love affects the brain:

[1].It raises hormones considerably:

Neuroscientists divide love into three stages: lust, attraction, and attachment. During the craving stage, hormones flood the body with feelings of craving, making adrenaline and light-adrenaline the heart beating quickly, the hands of the hands sweat, while the dopamine hormone in the brain generates feelings of euphoria,

And the brain also produces dopamine in response to other interesting stimuli , Including medications, which explains what’s called ecstatic lovers.

[2].It works like an anesthetic:

Even before people fall in love, seeing an attractive face activates the same part of the brain that pain relievers like morphine activate.

The opioid system is a part of the brain responsible for feelings of “admiration.” A recent study showed that men who were given small doses of morphine evaluated pictures of women’s faces as more attractive than men who did not get any morphine, indicating that the opioid could It is essential in realizing gravity.

[3].Makes blood flowing strongly:

Feeling of love increases blood flow to the pleasure center of the brain (nucleus accumbens). MRI shows that this area lights up when people are in love, usually during the attraction phase, the increase in blood flow occurs when admiration between the two partners takes hold.

[4].Makes the brain in a mild state of OCD:

Love lowers serotonin levels in the brain, which is a common feature of obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Low serotonin can explain why lovers show such an excessive focus on the subject of their emotion, and these feelings can also make lovers blind to seeing their unwanted partner traits in the early stages of a relationship with choosing to focus only on the good traits of their partner.

[5].Generating hormones for attachment:

After people fall in love for a period of time, the body develops the percentage of hormones of happiness, and the stage of attraction gives way to the stage of attachment.

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