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How to memorize the periodic table?

Steps to memorize the periodic table

Steps to memorize the periodic table

Steps to memorize the periodic table

Steps to memorize the periodic table are listed below by which you can easily understood the periodic table

The periodic table is a way to organize the elements.
The periodic table is a way to organize the elements according to the recurring trends in their properties. 

Whether it’s because of a task or just because you want to know it, you may need to memorize the entire periodic table of the elements. Yes, there are many elements, but you can do it! Here are the steps that explain how to store the table, with a table that you can download or print and an empty table that you can fill for practice.

  • Get a copy of the table and learn how to memorize it.
  • Print blank periodic tables to practice it.

So, as you can see, the first step is to use a table. Printable or online tables are nice because you can refer to them whenever you have free time. It is extremely useful to use an empty table for practice. Yes, you can just memorize the order of the elements, but if you learn the table by writing it, you will appreciate the trends in the properties of the elements, which is really the subject of the periodic table!

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Tips for memorizing the periodic table

This color periodic table wallpaper has beveled crystal tiles.
This color periodic table wallpaper has beveled crystal tiles. 

First, you will need at least a copy of the periodic table. It takes a while to learn the periodic table, so it’s useful to have one on hand. If you are printing a table, you can take notes without worrying about ruining your one copy. You can download and print this table in order to have as many copies as necessary. You can also view a table online or start with a simple list of element names and symbols.

  • Online periodic table
  • Free printable periodic tables
  • List of items in order

Tips for memorizing the periodic table

Now that you have a table, you need to learn it. How you remember the table depends on what works best for you, but here are some recommendations that can help:

  1. Break the table into sections to memorize it. You can store groups of items ( different color groups ), go one row at a time, or store in sets of 20 items. Rather than trying to memorize everything, act once, learn one group at a time, master that group, and then learn the next group until you know the whole table.
  2. Space the memorization process and use the free time to learn the table.You will remember the table better if you spread the memorization process over several sessions instead of cramming the whole table at the same time. The clutter could be used for short-term memorization, like a test the next day, but you won’t remember anything a few days later. To really commit the periodic table to memory, you need to access the part of your brain responsible for long-term memory. This involves repeated practice and exposure. So learn a section of the table, go do something else, write what you learned in this first section and try to learn a new section, move away, come back and revise old material, add new group, get away, etc.
  3. Learn the elements of a song. It works well if you hear the information better than seeing it on paper. You can compose your own song or learn another song made by someone else. A good example is The Elements by Tom Lehrer, which you can find on YouTube and other places online.
  4. Break the table into nonsense words made from the element symbols. This is another great way to learn the order of the elements if you “hear well” rather than “see”. For the first 36 elements, for example, you can use the word string HHeLiBeB (hihelibeb), CNOFNe (cannofunny). NaMgAlSi, PSClAr etc. Make your own pronunciations and practice filling an empty board with the symbols.
  5. Use color to learn groups of elements. If you need to learn element groups in addition to element symbols and names, practice writing the elements using different colored pencils or markers for each group of elements.
  6. Use a mnemonic device to help you remember the order of the elements. Make a sentence you can remember using the first letters or symbols of the elements. For example, for the first nine elements, you can use:

H appy He ctor L ikes Be er B ut C ould N ot O btain F ood

  1. H – hydrogen
  2. He – Helium
  3. Li – Lithium
  4. Be – beryllium
  5. B – boron
  6. C – carbon
  7. N – nitrogen
  8. O – oxygen
  9. F – fluorine

You will want to divide the table into groups of about 10 items at a time to learn the whole table this way. Rather than using mnemonics for the whole table, you can create a sentence for the sections you are having trouble with.

Print an empty table to practice

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Blank Periodic Table for Practice

Empty periodic table
Empty periodic table.

Print several copies of the blank periodic table to practice filling in the symbols or names of the elements. It’s easier to learn the symbols for items associated with names, write the symbols, and then add the names.

Start small, with 1-2 rows or columns at a time. Whenever you have a chance, write down what you know, then add to it. If you are bored learning the elements sequentially, you can jump around the table, but it is harder to remember this information weeks or years later. If you memorize the table, it is worth committing to your long-term memory, so learn it over time (days or weeks) and practice writing it down.

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