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Zinc deficiency symptoms?

Zinc deficiency symptoms?


Zinc deficiency symptoms :

Zinc :Zinc

Third most developed transition metal by man (after iron and copper ), zinc is best known for its good resistance to corrosion , industrial steel with roofing.


  • Symbol: Zn
  • Atomic number: 30
  • Electrons by energy level : 2, 8, 18, 2
  • Atomic mass: 65.409 u
  • The most stable isotopes:  64 Zn, with a half-life greater than 4.3 billion billion years (48.2%),  66 stable Zn with 36 neutrons (28%),  68 stable Zn with 38 neutrons (19 %),  67 stable Zn with 37 neutrons (4.1%),  70 Zn with a half-life greater than 13 million billion years (0.6%)
  • Series: Nonmetals
  • Group, period, block: 12, 4, d
  • Density: 7.13
  • Point of fusion : 419.527 ° C
  • Boiling point: 907 ° C

History of zinc

Zinc has been known since antiquity, although it was not used in pure form. The insulation of this metal is to Anton von Swab ‘s credit in 1742, as well as Andreas Marggraf, who succeeded on his side four years later.

Properties of zinc

Pure zinc is in the form of a blue-gray metal. It is able to combine with oxygen and other nonmetals. The action of dilute acids on zinc gives off hydrogen. Its oxidation state is +2. With different environmental elements, the zinc surface reacts and forms a patina that dulls its shine but is adherent and protective.

Use of zinc

One of the main applications of zinc is deposited on steels to protect them from corrosion: it is galvanization, whose products are used in the automobile , household appliances or industrial equipment. The brass is prepared with copper and zinc. Some bronzes also contain zinc.

Some coins are minted in zinc: this was the case during the Second World War. The roofs are sometimes covered with zinc. This metal also has healing and anti-inflammatory properties .

Effects of zinc on health

Zinc is a necessary part of human health. The zinc deficiency causes loss of appetite, decreased taste sensation and smell and slower healing of wounds. Excess zinc can cause stomach cramps , vomiting or anemia . At very high doses, the pancreas can be damaged. Similarly, the metabolism of proteins is altered.

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