Inorganic chemistry

The branch of chemistry in which we study all the elements except those of carbon and hydrogen.

  1. Define salt and give the characteristic properties?

  2. Historical background of acids bases and salts?

  3. Describe atomic number and mass number?

  4. What are 118 elements and their classification?

  5. What is lime stone?

  6. What is periodic table?

  7. what are bases?

  8. What is silver?

  9. What are non metals?

  10. Define metals?

  11. What are isotopes?

  12. What is fertilizer?

  13. What is iodine?

  14. What do you mean by hydrogen bonding?

  15. Describe the role of chemistry in photography?

  16. What is krypton?

  17. What is sulfur?

  18. What is aluminium?

  19. What are ionic compounds give examples?

  20. What is nitrogen?

  21. Describe sodium chloride?

  22. What is the current periodic classification?

  23. Definition of normality?

  24. Families on periodic table?

  25. How to memotrize the periodic table?

  26. What is chemical reaction?

  27. Acid definition in chemistry?

  28. Charles law graph?

  29. Boyles law graph?

  30. What is Na2CO3?

  31. pH indicator definition?

  32. How to make a crystal crismats tree?

  33. Intermoleculer cross linking?

  34. NaOH is a strong base?

  35. Metallic bond properties?

  36. covalent bond with example?

  37. Ionic bonds are formed when?

  38. Zinc deficiency symptoms?

  39. Uranium 235?

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