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Intermoleculer cross linking?

Intermolecular cross linking?

Intermolecular cross linking :

An intermolecular bond corresponds to a bond which is established, as its name suggests, between two molecules , so as to maintain a certain cohesion between them.

The concept of intermolecular bonding is related to the polarity of the bonds and the molecules involved. The intermolecular bond should not be confused with the intramolecular bond .

There are three main types of intermolecular links:

  • The London forces (belonging to the forces of Van der Waals );
  • Dipole-dipole connections (belonging to the Van der Waals forces);
  • The hydrogen bonds .

Van der Waals connections (London forces and dipole-dipole links)

London’s forces – which are classed in the broader category of Van der Waals forces – exist between all the molecules that make up a substance, unconditionally, even more so when the surface of the molecule is important. This is the example of what happens with butane. This type of intermolecular bonding occurs when an instant dipole is created in the molecule as a consequence of the normal displacement of the electrons at the heart of the molecule. Thus, the positive pole of one molecule attracts the negative pole of another and a bond is created.

The dipole-dipole bonds – which also belong to the broader category of Van der Waals forces – only intervene in the case of polar molecules. The more polar a molecule is, the more intense the dipole-dipole bonds it will be able to create with its neighbors.

Hydrogen bond

Hydrogen bonds are the most intense intermolecular bonds. They create only when the molecules have a covalent bond between an atom of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen , of nitrogen or fluorine .

All thanks to the high electronegativity and the small size of the atoms. This is observed between the water molecules . A hydrogen bond is often represented by a series of dots or dashes. It is almost a true covalent bond.

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