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What is chemistry in simple words?

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First we have to know about it’s origin. The origin of the chemical word could have originated from the Greek words, burn and burn, therefore it is the discipline that investigates both the properties, structure and composition of matter, but also studies the modifications that result from chemical reactions and the relationship it has with energy. chemistry in simple words

What is chemistry?

The definition of what is chemistry? explained by Linus Pauling, it is defined as the scientific matter that deepens the study of the structure, the substances, their properties and the transformations that the substances undergo in others taking into account the time. chemistry in simple words

Recently the definition of chemistry that Linus Pauling did was improved in 1988 by Professor Raymond Chang: “the investigation of the matter and the changes it causes”

importance of chemistryFrom the alchemy the modern chemistry developed, the alchemy was at that time a proto-scientific practice with a clear philosophical influence, and what fused metallurgy, physics, elements of chemistry, biology and medicine among others. This pseudoscience ends with the arrival of the chemical revolution, which is based on the law of conservation of matter and also by the theory of combustion through oxygen, both carried out by Lavoisier. chemistry in simple words
In the same way that biology has its  branches of biology , chemistry also has its  branches of chemistry  and they are classified according to the type of matter or the kind of study to be carried out. For example, we can find inorganic chemistry, responsible for conducting studies on inorganic matter, and on the opposite side we have organic chemistry that investigates organic matter. But we can also find disciplines such as biochemistry , physicochemistry or analytical chemistry .

food preservationThe chemical is considered one of the basic sciences in the natural sciences because of its ubiquity. Which is of great importance in terms of knowledge in disciplines such as biology, medicine, pharmacy, engineering, astronomy and geology among others. chemistry in simple words

The chemical studies natural processes that are part essential particles (neutrons, protons and electrons), also called composite particles (molecules, atoms and atomic nuclei) or structures microscopic crystals as surfaces. chemistry in simple words

The electron is the most representative and important particle of chemistry. The great success of chemistry is to have achieved the understanding between the relationship of the electronic distribution of atoms, solids or molecules and chemical reactivity.

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