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Iron poisoning:what you need to know?

Iron poisoning?


Iron poisoning:What you need to know?

Iron poisoning:

iron poisoning
iron poisoning effects

Iron poisoning is listed here.Iron is one of the most important minerals in the body, and it is one of the essential minerals that the body needs in small quantities, and it is present within the body in two and three forms.

General use of iron :

Iron is generally used in the manufacture of:


2.Laundry bleaches

3.And the manufacture of printing papers.

Physiologically :

Physiologically, iron is the main compound in the formation of red blood cells because it is present in hemoglobin, and is necessary for the work of enzymes and the use of energy in the body, and iron is never free in the body, rather it is associated with special stores, free iron is a very dangerous anion.

Iron in food :

Iron in food is characterized by poor absorption, not exceeding 10% of the administered dose.

Iron in nutritional supplements:

As for the iron provided within nutritional supplements, it is manufactured in a manner that achieves complete absorption, and therefore nutritional supplements are the most important source of iron poisoning, and what makes matters worse is the manufacture of these supplements in an attractive and diabetic manner to encourage the child to consume it, which increases the likelihood of excessive intake by the child, and it is necessary to rationalize consumption These complements.

It is mentioned that iron is not excreted from the body, but we need to take it to compensate for the deficiency resulting from hemorrhage and the destruction of red blood cells.

Exposure to very large dose of iron :

Exposure to a very large dose of iron causes the following symptoms in succession:


First vomiting and diarrhea occur


Then within 12 hours the poisoned person feels the disappearance of symptoms (and this is the danger), where the poisoner thinks himself fine, and in fact the decrease in blood volume and acidification began,


Then the blood shortage increases to cause shock


The blood becomes thicker and thicker, so it no longer passes through the arteries, and death may occur.


.If the poisoned survives the shock, the stage of liver damage begins, which involves the risk of death.


If the poisoner survives this stage, he is considered to have escaped, as the following stages of poisoning are not life threatening.

As for chronic exposure to iron:

As for chronic exposure to iron:


It is less likely to cause death,


Repeated blood transfusions are one of the causes,


It causes kidney damage,


Damages the pancreas,


Causing type 2 diabetes,


Hormonal disorders


And thickening of the blood.

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