Inorganic chemistry

What is Mercury used for?

Mercury types and examples?

What is Mercury used for?

Mercury colour types and uses :

Mercury colour types and uses

Mercury colour types and uses are here in this article.First of all we have to know about chemical elements and then we are able to discribe it so we started with chemical elements.

Chemical elements:

The periodic table includes many chemical elements that were discovered in nature, and some of them were synthetically prepared, and these elements are arranged according to their atomic number and chemical properties that are distinguished by them,

As each element has chemical and physical properties, atomic number, mass number and chain of chemical activity, among the most important elements of mercury.

Symbolization :

Which is symbolized by the symbol Hg, and its atomic number 80, and it is called by other names among them the black cinnabar, and it is found in nature as a raw element, knowing that mercury is one of the toxic elements that cause many damages to the human body if it enters it, including the destruction of the nervous system and the kidney

And in This article will talk about the types of mercury and its colors.

Mercury is known as a metal although its strength is liquid and not solid, and its melting point is low compared to its very high vapor pressure, and it has low viscosity and high electrical resistance, and dissolves in gasoline, methanol and water, and has a high surface tension value,

Interaction with halogens:

In addition to its ability to Interacting with halogens such as: bromine and chlorine, as it interacts with the ozone gas to be a mercuric oxide compound,

While the most important types of mercury and its colors are as follows:

1.”Silver” white mercury:

White mercury
white mercury in thermometer

It is the most popular type of mercury, and it is white in silver color. This type is widely distributed in the market and is used in the manufacture of thermometers as well as the manufacture of blood pressure measuring devices.

2.Red Mercury:

red mercury in thermometer

This type is considered fatal, and it has a very high toxicity, but in terms of composition, its composition is very similar to the composition of white mercury with some differences between them in terms of color and use.

3.Radioactive Mercury:

This type is used in many fields, especially in the nuclear field.

Mercury uses:

Despite the many benefits and uses of mercury, it is a threat to human health and care must be taken when using it in order not to cause poisoning.

Mercury has many beneficial uses in practical life, especially in the medical and industrial fields.

Among the most important of these uses are the following:

[1].Manufacture of auto batteries :

It is involved in the manufacture of auto batteries,

[2].Manufacture of dyes :

In the manufacture of various dyes and paper industries.

[3].Manufacturing of medical devices :

It is used in manufacturing medical devices such as thermometers and blood pressure monitors.

[4].Manufacturing of dental filling :

It is used in the manufacture of dental filling.

[5].As solvent :

It is used as a solvent for some minerals, especially precious metals.

[6].Manufacturing of light bulbs :

It is used in the manufacture of light bulbs.

[7].Production of chemicals :

It is involved in the production of some chemicals, such as: chlorine and pesticides.

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