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Metallic bond properties?

Metallic bond properties?


Metallic bond properties :

The metal bond represents a particular type of chemical bond . As its name suggests, this connection occurs between the atoms that make up metals , whether they are simple bodies or alloys .

Metal bond and free electrons

In the case of the metal bond, a large number of atoms lose their valence electrons – located on the last electronic layer – and occupy the classical positions of a crystal lattice (vertices, centers of faces, etc.). . Navigating through the skeleton of crystalline structure, the electron released valence – called free electron – are pooled for all atoms. They form a sort of “  electron gas ” in constant and disordered motion .

The metal bonds are weaker than the ionic bonds and the covalent bonds .

Metal bond and physical properties of metals

Some physical properties of metals can be explained by the specific character of the metal bond. For example :

  • the metals tend to shine because the photons are more easily absorbed by free electrons;
  • the permanent movement of electrons at the heart of “electron gas” explains the good electrical and thermal conductivity of metals;
  • the metals are malleable because the presence of free electrons allows them to avoid strong repulsions between cations .

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