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Coronavirus: health myths you should ignore?

Misconceptions about covid-19


Misconceptions about covid-19:

Misconceptions about covid-19,With the passage of time and the development of the spread of the disease and our understanding of its causes, the direction of discussions related to it on the Internet changed.

And after nearly 10 months of 2020, the following experts discuss the most famous myths spreading about the Corona virus in the recent period:

  •  Dr.. Han Lee, Chief Medical Officer
  •  Dr.. Linzi Slovicek, Director of Pharmacovigilance Extension
  •  Dr.. Jenny Yu, Principal Medical Adviser

1. The numbers of infections have increased in the United States, but the death figures are still relatively small, which means that the virus has become less dangerous and we should not be worried:

Injury, hospitalization and death rates are often correlated, and if one increases the remainder increases, but this is not always the case.

This depends on the general health of community members, the speed of undergoing and access to testing and treatment, and the community’s ability to deal with severe cases.

In many areas, we have seen high rates of injuries with few deaths, and the most likely explanation.

Here is the ease of access to testing, which increases the number of injuries, and the availability of treatment reduces deaths.

When the virus first arrived in the United States, many areas were not well equipped, so the numbers of tests were few.

But tests are now available in greater numbers, in addition to we know more about the disease, so severe cases are treated better, which reduces the number of deaths.

In fact, many people still die or suffer serious complications, and there is no specific treatment that works in all case.,

Especially in the most vulnerable groups such as the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and cancer.

We still do not know the long-term complications of those who were infected and recovered.

There are some cases in which symptoms such as difficulty breathing remained for several months after infection.

We have seen some people who recovered and were infected again, so our best strategy remains to avoid infection and transmit the infection to others,

Since this virus is an opportunistic pathogen, the infection spreads greatly when prevention measures are not taken seriously.

2. The severity of the virus was overestimated from the start:

It is difficult to estimate the seriousness of rapidly spreading diseases that declare global pandemics.

It is difficult to understand the statistics related to them when the numbers are estimated in the millions,

As there are few diseases in which the infection spreads through being with an infected person in a small room for several minutes and the injured may end up needing a respirator .

And fewer diseases cause more than one million deaths in eight months, with more than 40 million injuries.

In fact, according to estimates by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Corona virus has caused more deaths (218,000 deaths in the United States) than the numbers caused by influenza during several seasons.

As the number of flu-related deaths is estimated at between 12,000-61,000 cases annually since a year ago. 2010.

Although the Corona virus affects certain groups more than others, everyone is at risk of infection, whether they are young or old, rich or poor.

Fortunately, the virus does not cause death in all infected people, but doctors do not underestimate the severity of the virus.

Misconceptions about covid-19.The newest myths about the Corona virus spreading on the Internet - Does social distancing weaken the immune system - Can antivirals and steroids cure Corona
Misconceptions about covid-19

3. Just the flu:

Some of those infected with the virus were lucky because their symptoms were mild or not felt, but reducing the risk of infection is a mistake because it has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths,

In addition to the symptoms that remain after infection, such as respiratory problems that are not caused by seasonal influenza.

Seasonal influenza may be fatal at times, but it does not cause the large numbers of emergency cases caused by the Corona virus.

And the reason for this is the presence of vaccines available for seasonal influenza that prevent infection or significantly reduce symptoms.

Unlike infection with the Corona virus, for which we do not have any vaccine or approved treatment.

Also of concern, with the approach of winter, is the possibility of catching the flu and the Corona virus at the same time, which is very dangerous and may be fatal.

4. We are close to achieving herd immunity

Herd immunity arises when the majority of people are infected with a disease that is difficult to spread after that. This immunity arises through immunization or natural infection.

In the United States, 70% of the population (about 200 million) must be infected with the disease and recover from it to achieve herd immunity.

But for this to happen, the immunity against the Corona virus is long-lasting.

But there is no evidence so far proving that infection with the disease and then cure from it causes long-term immunity.

In addition to that we are still in the early stages of our knowledge of the disease and the immunity that arises after infection, so it is not recommended to cause a major infection to reach the herd immunity.

Also, we cannot assume that immunity, if achieved, will be long-lasting, so preventive measures remain necessary.

5. Social distancing weakens the immune system

Social distancing is necessary to reduce the risk of infection, which has been followed for a long time to stop the spread of diseases.

As moving away from patients and recommending them to stay at home when sick is logical and instinctive, yet immunity has evolved to adapt to the surrounding conditions.

Research has shown that immunity can be improved in measured ways rather than random exposure, so social distancing is necessary to protect all members of society.

Because infected in large numbers at the same time is a great burden on the healthcare sector.

6. The spread of Covid-19 infection has increased due to the technology of the fifth generation of 5G cellular broadcasting networks:

It is a type of digital radio wave used to improve transmission and reception of data.

There is no evidence to suggest a relationship between radio waves and their frequencies and the spread of the virus.

7. Masks cause more harm than good:

Masks are tools that prevent airborne diseases, and they protect those who wear them and those around them by preventing the spread of infection through droplets leaving the nose and mouth.

So doctors and nurses have worn them during surgeries to protect everyone for several decades.

Wearing a mask for long periods does not cause low oxygen levels or high levels of carbon dioxide in health care workers and does not cause any health problems in the rest of the population either.

In addition, construction and industry workers have been wearing masks for long periods to protect themselves from pathogens and chemicals.

Research has not shown any evidence to suggest that wearing masks for long periods of time may affect health.

8. Doctors can now treat Covid-19:

There is no cure for Coronavirus infection yet, but health care workers learn more about the disease daily,

And over time indicators of the effectiveness of supportive treatments that reduce the severity and duration of the infection increase.

Doctors give steroids for critical cases sometimes, and some cases are treated with the anti-viral drug remdesivir, otherwise, experiments have shown that hydroxychloroquine is not effective in treating Covid-19.

Clinical trials are still underway to know the effectiveness and safety of some other treatments, such as plasma recovered from the virus.

And there has been a noticeable improvement in our knowledge of the disease, but there is still a lot to know, and with this knowledge increasing, we can treat the infected so the number of deaths is as low as possible.

But without a definitive treatment, prevention measures such as wearing a mask, washing hands and adhering to social distancing remain the most important thing that we can do.

9. Major pharmaceutical companies refrain from distributing the vaccine:

No, the clinical trials required to reach a safe and effective vaccine usually take several years, and this is what will happen in the case of Covid-19,

As the long periods that it takes to prepare the vaccine are necessary in order to ensure its success with large numbers of the population,

And it is also necessary to know the side effects that may occur. After weeks or months of vaccination,

After reaching the appropriate vaccine, preparing it for large numbers of people also takes time.

Once ready, the vaccine must be made available to those most in need, such as medical care workers who deal with Covid-19 patients.

Priority should be given to those who suffer from the most severe complications of the disease,.

Namely the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, lung diseases and other conditions that weaken immunity.

When a successful Coronavirus vaccine is available, consideration must be given to the cases in which it is advisable to take the vaccine based on the risk factors of the person.

10. Antivirals and steroids can treat Covid-19 and the cytokine storm:

Anti-virals fight the virus that causes the disease, and steroids help reduce the possibility of an overactive immune response responsible for some deaths associated with the Coronavirus.

Scientists have found that steroids reduce the severity and impact of the severe inflammatory condition called cytokine storm,

But the evidence supporting this treatment is not conclusive, and more research is needed to find out which sufferers benefit most from this treatment.

The success of any treatment depends on the health condition of the patient and his underlying health problems.

Patients with pre-existing serious health conditions and weakened immunity will find it difficult to fight the infection no matter how strong and effective treatment options are in clinical trials.


The Corona pandemic has changed the face of the world, and has dealt the public and psychological health of the world’s population to a major blow,

And our understanding and approach to treatment is taking a better shape over time, and at this time our focus must be on science.

Scientific research will save us from these troubled times, not politicians and social media celebrities.

So listening to those who have extensive scientific and medical knowledge is the best way to overcome this ordeal.

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