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What does a mobile phone with neck bones do?

Use of mobile phone?

Mobile effect on neck bone:

Mobile effect on neck bone and all the study related to it is listed in this article you can easily understood it.


The use of a mobile phone and its effect on the neck bones

A new study reveals what does a mobile phone with neck bones do?

A study suggests that looking down to use and follow mobile phone alerts and applications:

It is equivalent to putting a force that represents 27 kilograms on your neck, and this is equivalent to one of the giant anteater, or even pressing four full-sized bowling balls on your neck, and you repeat this behavior several times in a day.


On average:

We spend up to four hours a day looking down to reading something, or checking the phone, this equates to about 1,400 hours a year of additional stress on our cervical spine – just the part of the neck above our shoulders.

A new study assumes that every time we repeat this work, we cause a 27 kg (60 lb) load to be placed on our neck. As Olga Khazan writes for the Atlantic Health Department; This is equivalent to four bowling balls, or eight years old. We still do not know what the far-reaching implications will be.

Kenneth Hansraj :

Supervisor of this study Kenneth Hansraj, chief spine and spine orthopedic surgeon at the New York Center for Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine in the United States, who used a three-dimensional model of the human spine to constantly measure the effects of our head curvature during verification From our phones.

Because our heads are very heavy:Mobile effect on neck bone

Weighs about 5.5 kg or 12 pounds; When we often look down for long periods of time, we increase the gravitational attraction above the neck bones, and it turns out that this strength is a tremendous force.


When the head tends toward the imam:

The forces appear according to the movement of the neck, i.e. approximately 27 pounds or 12 kilograms at the degree of curvature 15, 40 pounds or 18 kilograms at 30 degrees, 49 pounds or 22 kilograms at 45 degrees and finally 60 pounds or 27 kilograms At 60 degrees. ”

“The weight that appears on the spine increases dramatically when the head is straightened forward to varying degrees,” said Hansrag, in a report published in the International Surgery Technology magazine.

These pressures can lead to early wearing of tears, tears, bone loss, and possibly surgeries.
But before you throw your cell phone out of the window and bury message writing equipment in boxes and then in the attic, don’t panic.


Sydney-based physical therapy for movement, Tamer Sabet, told Rachel Clun at the Sydney Morning Herald that neck pain can be the result of a combination of factors such as:



3.Type of work and various stresses,

But they are not limited Only on the use of the phone.

“From a purely material perspective, the results of what they assume are logical, although ‘estimation of pain can be multidimensional,’ and it has been said that there is an increasing set of genetic preparations: (personality traits or moods, and the physical environment considered to be related to neck pain ). ”

Hansrag explains:

It is not reasonable to expect everyone to give up their cell phones to save the spine, and to say that it is only just an attempt to perceive the problem, and making an effort to correct your situation during this phone scan would help in the long run.

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