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Types of molecules in chemistry with definition and examples

Types and examples of molecules

Molecule definition types and examples  is listed here briefly by the way you can clear your doubts about molecules and their types.First we discussed what is molecule. types of molecules in chemistry

What is a molecule? types of molecules in chemistry

Molecule is a substance formed by combination of two or more atoms.e.g

types of molecules in chemistry
A molecule of CO2

Types of molecules

  • Monoatomic molecules
  • Diatomic molecules
  • Triatomic molecules
  • Polyatomic molecules
  • Homoatomic molecules
  • Hetroatomic molecules

Monoatomic moleculese types of molecules in chemistryMONOATOMIC

  • The molecules which consists of only one atom are called Monoatomic molecules. e. g Hydrogen, Nitrogen

Diatomic moleculess Diatomic Molecule

  • The moleculese which consists of two atoms are known as diatomic molecules. e. g H2 ,O2

Triatomic moleculess

types of molecules in chemistry

  • The moleculese which consists of three atoms are known as triatomic moleculese. e. g H2S, CO2

Polyatomic molecules. HNO3 types of molecules in chemistryHNO3 molecule

  • The molecules which consists of many atoms are known as Polyatomic moleculese. e. g H2SO4,HNO3

Homoatomic molecules: C6H6 types of molecules in chemistryC6H6 Homoatomic molecule

  • The moleculese which consists of same type of atoms are known as Homoatomic molecules. e. g S8,C6H6

Hetroatomic molecules: H2SO4 types of molecules in chemistr

  • H2SO4: types of molecules in chemistryThe molecules which consists of different types of atoms are known as Hetroatomic moleculese. e.g H2SO4,HNO3.

Importance of molecules  types of molecules in chemistry

Molecules are very important for us

For example water is a molecule made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Life is not possible without water. Our 70% body mass is made up of water. It has equal importance for both plants and animals.

Similarly DNA molecule is the part of every living cell. It is double stranded molecule having double heluxe shape. The two strands are wrapped around each other. It is made up of sugar phosphate and nitrogen bases. It is the permanent storage place for genetic information. This genetic information is transferred from one generation to next generation. DNA synthesize RNA which is responsible for genetic information in work. RNA receive information, reads it, decode it and according to the instructions make the new proteins. If there is any disorder takes place in it faulty protein is formed and the protein do not work properly. Due to this genetic diseases occur. So DNA is very important molecule. It plays a very important role in our genes.


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