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Myths about brain: can a person use only 10% brain?

Myths about brain?

Myths about the brain: Can a person use only 10% of his brain?

myths of brain
myths about brain


Myths about brain:

Myths about brain, Unfortunately, this widely held notion is wrong. As Brain-imaging techniques show, even the most basic tasks we perform, such as speaking or listening to music, require the activation of several areas of the brain.

In addition, if a person actually uses a mere 10% of his brain, then this will mean that most of the strokes and wounds sustained by the brain will not have any clear impact on our life or mental health.

Of course, this is what never happens in reality. There is no part of the brain that can be harmed without any effect on a person’s physical or mental health.

myths of brain
myths about brain

This myth spread for the first time in the early twentieth century (Beyerstein, 1999). Some of those who stand behind spreading the myth of 10% often have a positive intention, as some professors and trainers use this fabricated fact to motivate us towards achieving our life goals in the short or long term.

Others, unfortunately, use this fact to market a specific commodity, which they claim will improve your mental capabilities, increase your creativity, or even reveal hidden capabilities you have.

Therefore, a person must be careful when hearing claims like these, and review reliable scientific sources to make sure of their validity.

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