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What is Non metals in periodic table?

What are the characteristics of non metals?

What is Non metals in periodic table?

Non metals in periodic table :

The non metals in periodic table are mainly in the upper right position

The only chemical element that is not found in this region of the table is Hydrogen, which is located in the upper left corner together with Alkaline Metals, but since it behaves in most circumstances as a Non-Metal, it is classified as such.

Characteristics of non metals in periodic table :

Nonmetals have in their periodic properties the fact that they are  extremely electronegative , that is, they gain valence electrons from other atoms easier than they yield.

They can occur in the three states of aggregation of matter: solid, liquid or gas.

They are fragile .

They have no brightness , so they do not reflect light.

Non metals are:  Hydrogen (H), Carbon (C), Nitrogen (N), Oxygen (O), Phosphorus (P), Sulfur (S) and Selenium (Se).

Unlike metals, which are excellent conductors of electricity and heat,  a nonmetal can be an insulator or a semiconductor .

Nonmetals  can form ionic bonds  with metals by gaining electrons, or covalent bonds with other Nonmetals.

Nonmetals  make up most of the planet Earth , although it only has 7 known Nonmetals, while there are more than 80 metals. Living organisms are basically composed of nonmetals.

Non metals in periodic table

Importance of non metals

Nonmetals  are part of all living beings , with carbon being the constituent element of organic matter.

The  carbon is a chemical element  (not metal)  which is present in organic compounds .

It can easily bind to other carbon or hydrogen atoms, thus forming the family of hydrocarbons (which contain hydrogen and carbon in their composition), although they can also be attached to nitrogen and oxygen atoms.

The  oxygen is an important life processes of living beings metal , like breathing, and also the resulting product of photosynthesis by plants.

The  nitrogen is also important because part of the composition of proteins  that are present in organisms.

The  sulfur is not important another metal part of the amino acids.

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