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Panic attack what to do ?

Panic Attack symptoms?


Panic attack what to do?



2.symptoms of panic

3.The difference between anxiety and panic

4.treatment of panic


Panic symptoms and treatment :

Panic symptoms and treatment is as follows in this article we will explain what is panic and what are it’s symptoms and what will be it’s treatment.So first we have to know about panic so we started with panic.


penic symptoms and treatment

It is a sudden attack of severe fear that stimulates certain physical reactions, and this fear is characterized by not being caused by a real danger or apparent cause, and the person may think during the attack that he has completely lost control, or that he has suffered a heart attack, or that he is on Death is about to die, even though the panic attacks themselves are not considered a threat to the patient’s life, but they may affect his daily life and severely hinder him,

And as a result it is possible for the person to avoid social occasions, or to have a higher risk of suicidal thoughts, or He could start using alcohol or other substances as a way to escape from these fears, as it might be Some phobias develop in indoor phobias , however treatment is very effective in eliminating these attacks.

[2] Symptoms of panic:

Panic attacks stimulate the nervous system , which stimulates the response of the hit-or-flight response that is usually stimulated when the body encounters a line. These episodes can occur suddenly and without warning.

Symptoms may appear gradually, but reach a climax after about ten minutes. The patient can also develop for fear of another panic attack, and the symptoms are somewhat similar to the symptoms of other conditions, such as having a heart attack to a large extent.

So it is important to consult a doctor about testing the symptoms of a panic attack, including:

1.pain in chest.

2.difficulty breathing.

3.Difficulty swallowing.

4.Accelerated heartbeat.




8.Numbness and paresthesia.

9.Feeling of impending death.

10.The patient feels that he is about to lose consciousness and faint.

11.Feeling of hot flashes.


3.The difference between anxiety and panic:


As a result of the similarity of symptoms of the two diseases, some may feel similar, or they may find it very difficult to differentiate between them, but what distinguishes panic attacks is that they do not occur as a result of a stimulus, similar to the anxiety that may be triggered by a risk or as a result of a tense situation.

The symptoms of panic attacks are acute, and carry a sense of realism and separation, while symptoms of anxiety range in severity from slight, to moderate, to severe, and panic attacks occur suddenly and then disappear, but the symptoms of anxiety develop gradually, and increase with time, and may It lasts for minutes, hours, or even days.

[4] Panic attack treatment:

Panic treatment depends on reducing the number of seizures a patient has, and on treating the symptoms that appear to him as well, and psychological treatment and taking medications are the two main methods of treatment, and depending on the patient’s symptoms the doctor may use one method of treatment, or he may combine both treatments, and treatment is As follows:

[1] Psychotherapy:

This treatment depends on the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, so the patient talks about his seizures, and how he behaves when he has it, and the doctor adjusts his behavior, teaches him some habits and behaviors that would help him, and he keeps calm during a seizure.

[2]Taking medications:

Your doctor may prescribe a type of antidepressant called a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, or he may prescribe an antiepileptic drug such as pregabalin or clonazepam, and it can take 2-4 weeks before it appears to be effective, and it may take 8 weeks for it to work Fully.

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