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What are the sources and functions of protein?

Protein compostion and uses?

How protien is made

What are the sources and functions of protein?

Protein composition sources and uses:

Protein composition sources and used are listed below.Proteins are highly complicated nitrogenous made up of amino acids.

The importance of protein was known by chemist in the early 19th century. The word protein is derived from the Greek word proteios.

Composition of protein :

protien Composition sources and uses
Protein composition

Protein consist of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulphur.  They are polymers of amino acids. Amino acids are linked with each other through peptide linkage.  Protein has more than 10000 amino acids.

All proteins yield amino acids upon hydrolysis.

Proteins are one of the four different types of macromolecules in addition to carbohydrates, lipids or fats and nucleic acids such as, DNA and RNA.  Macromolecules are large molecule that are perform functions in living organisms.

Presence of protein :

Proteins are present in all living organisms. They makeup a bulk of the non bony structure of the animal bodies. Protiens are present in animal cell and tissues as a major part.  About 50% of the dry weight of cell is made up of protein.  They are found in muscles, skin hair, nails,  wool, feather etc.,

Amino acids :amino acid Structure

Amino acids are organic compounds consisting of both amino and carboxyl groups.

Classification of Amino acids :

There are twenty amino acids.

Non essential amino acids :

The body of human can produced 10 amino acids out of 20.  These amino acids are called non-essantial amino acids.

Essential amino acids :

There are 20 amino acids out of which 10  cannot be synthesized by human bodies are called essential amino acids. Essential amino acids required by our bodies and must be supplied through diet.

Amino acids are building blocks of protein :

Two amino acids link through peptide linkage.  Peptide linkage is formed by the elimination of water molecule between the amino group of one amino acid and carboxyl acid group of another.

Sources and uses of protein :

As we know that protein plays a role tissue repair that’s why it is so important to have protein in your diet. But what are the major source of protein. P

Each protein has its source and carries out a specific function. Protein can be found in all living cells. The type and amount of protein in food vary. Sources and uses of protein are as follows:

1. Animals protiens:

Sources of animals protein are meat, mutton, chicken, fish, eggs. These are used as food by human beings as they are essential for the formation of protoplasm.

2. Enzymes are proteins:

Enzymes are proteins that are produced by the living cells. They catalyze the chemical reaction taking place in the bodies. They are highly specific and have extra ordinary efficiency.  Many enzymes are used as drugs.  They control the bleeding and treat blood cancer.

3. Hides are proteins :

Hides are proteins.  They are used to make leather by tanning. Leather is used to to make shoes, jackets, sports items,  etc,.

4. Proteins in bones:

Proteins are found in bones.  When bones are heated they give gelatin. Gelatin is used to make bakery items.

5. Plants proteins :

Protiens are also formed by many types of plants, such as pulses,  beans, etc. These are used as food by us.

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