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How to find radiochemistry jobs ?



Radiochemistry jobs:

Radiochemistry jobs


Radiochemistry jobs:

Radiochemistry jobs and all about this profession is listed below in detail you can see it as follows:

Passionate about chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, in short science ?! The profession of radiochemist should suit you. Practicing both nuclear and medical imaging, the radiochemist is both cerebral and manual.

For implementation of methods chemistry analytical, examines the Radiochemist manufacturing processes solid of compound radioactive elements in a target to reduce the toxicity of nuclear waste and improvement of geological storage

For this, the radiochemist develops a solution comprising the desired radioactive elements and transforms it into solid form in order to test it.

Its goal is to develop methods for analyzing radioelements from already existing protocols or by proposing new ones in order to optimize their reliability as well as their sensitivity.

He then searches for new molecules making it possible to separate the radioelements he wishes to analyze, then will process and interpret the results obtained.

Working as a team, the radiochemist however does not only experiment. He is also responsible for writing reports on his research and establishing experimental protocols. Participation in scientific congresses is also part of the job.

The main skills and qualities to have

The radiochemist must have the following skills and qualities:

  • know the radiochemical measurements.
  • know how to analyze and interpret research results.
  • know the safety rules and procedures.
  • be rigorous, meticulous and curious.
  • like teamwork.
  • ensure scientific monitoring.

The radiochemist is in constant search for innovation in order to reduce the dangerousness of nuclear waste.

Work conditions

The radiochemist works mainly in the laboratory. Having to handle radioactive elements, he carried out numerous experiments and analyzed the results obtained. He leaves his laboratory for his office when writing experimental reports and protocols .
The radiochemist can also practice in medical imaging.

How to become a radiochemist?

There are different training courses at different levels of study to exercise this profession:

  • BTS Chemistry professions;
  • DUT Chemistry option Analytical and synthetic chemistry;
  • DUT Physical measurements;
  • Pro chemistry license;
  • Engineering school specializing in chemistry.

The salary of a radiochemist

As a beginner, a radiochemist receives a salary of around 1500-1600 euros gross. Depending on his level of studies, depending on whether he is a technician or engineer, a radiochemist can claim remuneration of between 2,500 and 5,000 euros gross after several years of experience.

The development prospects of a radiochemist

A radiochemist can progress to positions of team leaders.

Companies that employ radiochemists

  • CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission);
  • analysis laboratory (eg Eurofins Eichrom);
  • nuclear site (eg: Orano Tricastin);
  • public research establishment (eg: INSERM);
  • private group (ex: Areva).
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