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How to relieve tooth pain in Ramadan?

Use of herbs for toothache?

How to relieve tooth pain in Ramadan?


1. Toothache

2 .best ways to relieve tooth pain in Ramadan

2.1 .Mouth and rinsing rinse

2.2 .Compresses

2.3 .natural herbs

3 .best ways to avoid toothache in Ramadan.

Relieve tooth pain in Ramadan :

Relieve tooth pain in Ramadan how it is done is listed here briefly.First we have to know about what is tooth pain and how we get rid off from it.


Relieve tooth pain in Ramadan
Tooth pain in man

Dental pain has many causes, including tooth decay and fractures, which may cause weakening and falling out of the teeth, and the use of teeth to chew food strongly or in a way that causes friction such as chewing gum and pressing the teeth hard, as one of the most important causes of dental pain is gingivitis, which may be associated with dental abscesses.

And the symptoms of dental pain are clear and almost invisible to anyone.

The tooth pain is acute, whether it is intermittent or continuous, and pain may sometimes result when pressing on the teeth, and swelling can be observed in the area of ​​the mouth accompanied by headache and heat sometimes.

When ,Dental inflammation feels patient With a bad taste in his mouth, this article will talk about the best ways to relieve tooth pain in Ramadan.

[2] The best ways to relieve tooth pain in Ramadan:

In the event of a sensation of dental pain, it is important to know the reason behind this pain, so that it can be treated.

In addition to the swelling and other accompanying symptoms in the best possible way, and you can alleviate tooth pain in Ramadan by using rinses and compresses during the day and during the time of fasting, and using some natural recipes after Iftar.

But it must be noted that the pain in severe cases may be necessary for medical intervention and advice to the dentist, especially if it continues for days, and the ways to get rid of dental pain in Ramadan are the following:

[2.1] Mouth and rinsing rinse:

Turn many patients to lotions and rinse the teeth for several reasons, including their use during the day in Ramadan with attention not to swallow does not invalidate the fast.

In addition to its effectiveness as a solution in principle when the sensation of pain, and these washes use water and salt Kamadamadh mouth, it has proven to be effective in reducing Inflammation and treatment of any wounds in the mouth.

This rinse is made by placing half a tablespoon of salt in a cup of warm water and then using it. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used as a mouth rinse. It is based on relieving dental pain and reducing inflammation. It also has anti-bacterial properties based on Oral sterilization.

[2.2] Compresses:

Cold compresses are usually used to relieve dental pain in Ramadan, especially during the day. Cold compresses contribute to narrowing the blood vessels within the affected area, which reduces the severity of pain in them, and it has the ability to reduce swelling and inflammation.

If it is accompanied by pain through its use For 20 minutes every few hours, warm or cold mint compresses can also be used to relieve pain and soothe sensitive gums .

[2.3] Natural herbs:

Relieve tooth pain in Ramadan
Clove used for releive tooth pain

Many natural herbs help to relieve tooth pain in Ramadan. This article mentions clove, which has been used throughout history for this reason, as clove oil anesthetizes tooth pain and reduces inflammation associated with it.

Clove also contains substances with properties Aseptic for the mouth and used by putting oil on a piece of cotton, and then directly applied to the tooth that causes pain several times during the day, and other plants such as guava leaf and thyme that have proven effective according to their anti-bacterial properties are used to relieve tooth pain in Ramadan.

[3] The best way to avoid toothache in Ramadan:

After talking about ways to reduce pain, it seems that avoiding dental pain in Ramadan is a better idea than treating pain, and knowing that most of the dental pain results from tooth decay and not maintaining the health and cleanliness of the mouth continuously.

It seems that avoiding human pain is easy if the person committed to using a brush Teeth continuously and choose a toothpaste that contains a fluoride content in a reasonable rate.

It is also important to note the importance of using dental floss to maintain cleanliness and review the dentist periodically, at least twice a year to better clean the teeth.

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