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Reversible reactions definition and examples?

Reversible reactions

Reversible reactions:

Reversible reactions and their properties are listed below by which you can find them easily. First, we have to know what are reversible reactions?

Reversible Reactions Definition:

chemical reaction is called ” reversible ” when it can be done in one direction (the forward direction) or in the opposite direction.

Reversible Reaction and Equilibrium in Chemistry

In other words, a reversible reaction is a chemical reaction in which the reactants turn into products, which in turn react to reform reagents. A reversible equation has reached its equilibrium point when the concentrations of reagents and products do not change anymore.

In a chemical equation, a reversible reaction is noted using a double arrow.

Reversible Reaction and Equilibrium
The chemical reaction that forms ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen is a reversible reaction. © DR


Most chemical reactions are irreversible or almost irreversible as the number of reagents reformed from products is minimal. So much so that chemists have long thought that there was no reversible reaction.

Until the observation by the French chemist Claude-Louis Berthollet, in 1803, the formation of sodium carbonate crystals on the edge of a salt lake in Egypt. The preparation of the cement is based on a reversible reaction.

Examples of reversible reactions

In general, saturated solutions or weak acids and bases are susceptible to reversible chemical reactions. Thus, carbonic acid (H 2 CO 3 ) – present, among other things, in carbonated drinks – a weak acid, is reversibly produced from two reagents, namely carbon dioxide. (CO 2 ) and water (H 2 O).

Haber process:

The so-called “Haber process” (which is used for the synthesis of ammonia ) is also based on a reversible reaction in which dinitrogen (N 2 ) and dihydrogen (H 2 ) constitute the reagents and ammonia (with few kilojoules of energy), the product.

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