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Greenhouse effect diagram simple

Greenhouse effect and global warming

The greenhouse effect forms a layer of CO2

The greenhouse effect diagram shows that  CO2 forms a layer around the earth like an envelope. It allows the heat rays of the sun to pass through it, and reach upto the earth. These rays are reflected from the earth surface and go back to upper atmosphere.  Normal concentration of CO2 layer retains enough heat to keep the atmosphere warm. So. Normal concentration of CO2 is necessary and beneficial for keeping the temperature warm. Otherwise,  the earth would have been uninhabitable.  The earth average temperature would be about _20C, rather than presently average temperature 15C. greenhouse effect diagram simple

Green house effect The greenhouse effect diagram

Because CO2 in the atmosphere acts like the glass of a greenhouse. It allows UV radiations to pass through it but does not allow the IR radiation to pass through it.

It traps some of the infrared radiations emitted by the earth. Hence, increased concentration of CO2 layer absorbs the infrared radiations emitted by the earth surface that prevent heat energy escaping from the atmosphere. It helps to stop surface from cooling down during night. As the concentration of CO2 in air increases less heat energy is lost from the surface of earth. Therefore, the average temperature of the surface gradually increases. This is called Green house effect. This effect is proportional to amount of CO2 in air.  Greater is amount of Co2, more is trapping of heat or warming. Due to increased warming this phenomenon is also called Global warming.

Effect of global warming

1. Accumulation of carbon dioxide

Accumulation of carbon dioxide in air is resulting in increasing atmospheric temperature about 0.05c every year.

2. Changing weather patternsGreenhouse effect weather change

It is causing major changes in weather patterns.  Extreme weather events are occurring more commonly and intensely than previously.

3. Intense tropical cyclones The Greenhouse effect diagram

It melts glaciers and snow caps that are increasing flood risks and intense tropical cyclones.

4. Rising of sea level Greenhouse effect rising sea level

Sea level is rising due to which low lying areas are liable to be submerged,  turning previously populated areas no longer habitable.

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