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What are the states of matter explain?

The states of matter?


The states of matter And examples :

 states of matter and examples
states of matter

The states of matter and examples are listed here.Conventionally, there are three states of Matter. 

matter  : solid , liquid and gas . The state of the material depends on the material in question, but also on the temperature and pressure .The physical concept of states of matter  reffers to the change of sample phases consisting of a substance.The transformation is characterized as an example of physical changes of materials.

Changes in state of matter

Each state change has a specific name:

  • When a solid becomes liquid, we speak of fusion  ;
  • When a liquid becomes solid, it is called solidification ;
  • When a liquid becomes gas, it is called vaporization ;
  • When a gas becomes liquid, it is called liquefaction ;
  • When a gas becomes solid, we speak of condensation  ;
  • When a solid becomes gas, we speak of sublimation .

Three main states of matter: gas, liquid and solid

The microscopic interpretation of the states of matter is as follows:

  • In a gas, which has neither form nor volume proper, the matter is diluted and the atoms or molecules are free from their displacements.
  • In a liquid, which has its own volume without its own form, the atoms or the molecules are closer to each other and, consequently, more constrained in their displacements.
  • In a solid, which has both its own volume and shape, the atoms or molecules are linked together and can not move.

Plasma, the fourth state of matter?

The list of states of matter is actually a little longer. In addition, she does not stop lying. In the category of solids, crystalline solids, amorphous solids or supersolids are thus found . It is also possible to mention the plasma state , the superfluid state , the Bose-Einstein condensate , etc.

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