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The use of green electricity to reduce our energy dependencies?

Green electricity to reduce our energy dependencies


The use of Green electricity to reduce our energy dependencies :green electricity

The European Commission has published an action plan to increase the use of energy from forestry, agriculture and waste using biomass. The plan sets out the measures to be taken in three sectors – heating, electricity and transport – and proposes more than 20 actions, most of which should start in 2006.

At present, the EU derives  four percent of its energy needs from biomass . However, the Commission considers that it would be possible to increase by more than double the use of biomass by 2010. If this target is achieved,  the EU would not only be less dependent on imported energy , but would also find a greenhouse gas reduction of 209 million tonnes per year . Increasing the use of biomass would also create new jobs, especially in rural areas and reduce the pressure on the price of oil .

” This plan will reduce Europe’s dependence on energy imports, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect jobs in rural areas and consolidate European technological leadership in these sectors ” European Commissioner for Energy Andris Piebalgs.

In the field of research, the Commission is committed in its action plan to encouraging the development of a Biofuel Technology Platform, a technology platform for the industry, and to finding the best way to do so. advance research aimed at optimizing the use of agricultural forestry crops for energy purposes. The Commission also announces its intention to prioritize research on bio-refineries, finding efficient use for each part of the plants, and to make research on second-generation biofuels a priority.

Other actions of the plan include  the development of new specific renewable energy legislation in the area of ​​heating, the amendment of the directive on the energy performance of buildings in order to increase incentives for the use of renewable energy, the setting of national targets and support to developing countries wishing to produce biofuels .

The paper also proposes to promote waste management techniques that reduce the environmental impact of waste as fuel. It also proposes to develop technical standards so that recovered materials are considered as goods and to encourage investment in energy efficient technologies for the use of waste as fuels.

Mechtild Rothe, German MEP and President of the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources (EUFORES) welcomes the implementation of this action plan. ” It is the missing piece of legislation to supplement the directives dealing with electricity and transport, ” she said.

A report also released December 7 on electricity generation using renewable energy sources. The report concludes that more than half of the Member States do not take sufficient measures to promote green electricity .

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