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How to increase immunity power in body naturally?

The immune system?

How to increase immunity power in body naturally?


1.The immune system

2.The effect of age on immunity.

3.The effect of stress on immunity.

4.Tips to increase body’s immunity.

5.Vitamines to increase body’s immunity

6.Foods to increase body’s immunity .

Tips to increase body’s immunity :

Tips to increase body’s immunity are listed in this article first we have to know about immune system so we started with immune system :

[1]The immune system:

The immune system
The immune system organs

The human body is always vulnerable to attack from bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that the immune system stands in for elimination, and the elements of the immune system are spread from cells and tissues, organs and proteins throughout the body to take a reaction at any time, the most important cells are white blood cells which It spreads in the various blood and lymphatic vessels and searches for foreign bodies to catch them and send signals to start confrontation.

As for immunity, it is a mixture of three types.


which exists in the body from birth, such as the skin and mucous membranes,

[b]Acquired immunity:

It is what the body acquires from facing diseases during its life in addition to the vaccinations it takes,

 [C]Negative immunity:

The child takes from his mother during breastfeeding, so the immune system must remain strong, and advice to increase the body’s immunity comes.

[2] Age effect on immunity:

As a person gets older, everything in his body changes, including the immune system, and in general, as he gets older, the efficiency of the immune system declines, although there are many elderly people enjoying good health, but compared to young people, the elderly are more vulnerable to infection with infectious diseases such as influenza.

And respiratory diseases, as pneumonia is one of the most common causes of death for people over the age of 65, and there is no clear reason for this until now, except that scientists attribute this to thymus atrophy and a decrease in the amount of production of immune T cells, in addition to the decline in the effectiveness of the responsible bone marrow. N the production of stem cells that turn into immune cells

There is also a relationship between nutrition and immunity among the elderly. In rich countries, the elderly suffer from malnutrition due to a lack of minerals and vitamins taken from food, and that age leads to a decrease in the amount of food eaten, so all of this must be discussed with the specialist and know that it was possible to take advantage of food intake, as well as supplements for several tips to increase your body ‘s immunity.


[3] The effect of stress on immunity:

Stress is a broad term that means stress and difficult situations in which a person lives, or the body’s reaction, whether it is physiological or psychological, towards those pressures, and the immune system is one of the organs that are affected by stress.

As required by the situation, the percentage of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the blood rises, and inflammation is necessary for the process of getting rid of the cause and recovering, but chronic pressures and high levels of cytokines have an effect on health and lead to a disorder in the immune system, where it was found Studies that those who have been exposed to difficulties early in their lives , even in childhood poverty, ill – treatment and other suffering from an imbalance in the immune system and have low of cytokines organization to the work of the immune amounts with age.

The psychological pressures multiply, in addition to the disease affecting the immunity, and when exposed to stress and pressure, they are unable to stop the production of cortisol produced by the immune system, which is anti-inflammatory, but with constant pressure and an increase in the amount of cortisol and the accumulation of stress hormones and cytokines, weakening the reactions of the immune system, except There are a bunch of tips to increase your body’s immunity.

[4] Tips to increase the body’s immunity:

In the midst of life and the surrounding environment, and what it contains of germs and pathogens, it is impossible for the individual to remain without any health deficiency, so everyone should help the body resist foreign bodies by following the following tips to increase the body’s immunity:


Take care to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts and various grains because it provides the immune system with the nutrients it needs and improves the effectiveness of antibodies.


Avoid stress and pressure as much as possible.


Take care to give the body the right to rest and sleep for sufficient periods.


Smoking cessation weakens the immune system and increases the risk of bronchitis, lungs, and otitis media in children.


Reducing or abstaining from alcohol. Sun exposure 10-15 minutes to stimulate the production of important vitamin D immunity.


Taking probiotic supplements reduces respiratory and digestive infections, in addition to fermented milk products.


Eat herbs that raise immunity, such as Asian, American and Siberian ginseng, as well as astragalus.


Using medicinal mushrooms like shiitake mushrooms, it strengthens the immune system, especially women with breast cancer.

[5]Vitamins to increase the body’s immunity:

Tips to increase body's immunity
Foods that increases immunity

In addition to the previous tips to increase the body’s immunity, food is half the drug, and a balanced diet that includes all nutrients and rich in vitamins enhances the immune system and strengthens it to protect diseases and maintains good health.When comparing vitamins in food with supplements,

it is necessary to indicate that getting them from food is better Many supplements,

Some of the best vitamins for immunity include:

[1] Vitamin C:

Tips to increase body's immunity
Vitamin C

It is one of the most powerful stimuli of the immune system, and its deficiency exposes the body to disease easily, so it is necessary to take various sources of vitamin C without the need to take industrial supplements, because the body does not manufacture or store it.

[2]Vitamin E:

Tips to increase body's immunity
Vitamin E

It is one of the most powerful antioxidants that help the body fight infections and infection.

[3]Vitamin B6:

Foods containing immunity
Vitamin B6

It is the main supporter of the necessary biochemical reactions in the immune system.

[6]Food to increase the body’s immunity:

When following the advice mentioned to increase immunity, care must be taken to adopt some important foods to raise immunity and certainly contain the vitamins mentioned,

Here are the best foods that should be included in the daily diet:

[1] Citrus and red pepper:

being the richest sources of vitamin C, you should eat about 200 mg of them daily to avoid infection.

[2] Carrot and sweet potato:

It is a vegetable rich in beta-carotene and is important in helping the immune system to produce white blood cells.

[3] Almonds and seeds sold by the sun:

because they contain vitamin E, which boosts the immune system’s activity in fighting bacteria and viruses, as well as vitamin C.

[4] Cooked beans and pumpkin seeds:

they contain zinc is important for the work and the evolution of the immune system.

[5] Turmeric:

Vahtwaah curcumin fights inflammation and improves the activity of antibodies.

[6] Walnut:

strengthens the immune system because it contains folic acid, copper, vitamin E and B6 is .

[7] Broccoli:

It contains many antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E in addition to fiber.

[8] Green tea:

improves the immune system’s work because it contains powerful antioxidants.

[9] Papaya:

In addition to vitamins B, C and folic acid , it contains the anti-inflammatory section of the papain.

[10] Garlic:

It supports the immune system and reduces the incidence of colds during the winter.

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