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What are the different types of intellegence?

What is intelligence?

What are the different types of intelligence ?

Types of intelligence :

different types of intelligence
Different types of intelligeddnce

Types of intelligence are listed here briefly which are explained by Howard Gardner the famous physiologist.First we have to know about what is intelligence so we started with definition of intelligence.

Intelligence :

In Western society, we are accustomed to expecting an individual’s intelligence based on his or her global IQ score.

Howard Gardner :

However, according to the psychologist (Howard Gardner): “Our understanding of intelligence can be very narrow. For every person there are up to nine measures of intelligence that are not only one, that is, there are many types of intelligence.

What are the types of intelligence:

A growing group of educated people believe that intelligence is divided into 9 types of intelligence:

  • Spatial intelligence.
  • Natural intelligence.
  • Musical intelligence.
  • Computational logical intelligence.
  • Social Intelligence.
  • Linguistic intelligence.
  • Motor sensory intelligence.
  • Intelligence is deeply personal.
  • Existential intelligence.


Quoted from the blog “Life Hacker”:

According to Gardner, author of “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences”: “All types of intelligence have their own strengths and limitations, for the mind is not subject to any association at birth.”

One inherited entity :

Gardner goes on to explain that the traditional intelligence that we are all familiar with today is the result of “one inherited entity”, and that each of the nine levels of intelligence is completely independent of its characteristics from others.

Also, according to the blog, “Life Hacker”:

Although Gardner’s idea did not receive widespread support from science, many teachers and teachers agree that intelligence cannot be succinct in one entity, and that every child thinks and learns in a completely different way from the other.

What is the origin of intelligence? Where do the types of intelligence come from?

It is believed that intelligence can be highly hereditary, as a study published in 2015 in the electronic journal “Journal Nature Neuroscience” suggested that two groups of genes (M1 and M3) may be responsible for our cognitive intelligence, because intelligence is related to memory, attention Intuition, logic, and executive functions.

In addition, there are many features associated with intelligence:

For example, a study published earlier this summer indicated that general laziness may actually be a sign of increased intelligence.

As another example, according to the research, those who do not tend to have deep thoughts are more likely to get bored when sitting in one spot.

This leads them to be attracted to sports and other physical activities.

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