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What is sulphuric acid used for an overview ?

sulfuric acid production?

What is sulphuric acid used for an overview?

Sulphuric acid production uses and dangers

Sulfuric acid production
Sulfuric acid production and uses

Sulphuric acid production and uses and dangers are listed here briefly .The sulfuric acid (H 2 SO 4 ) is the strongest of the simple acids. This diacid is colorless and odorless. In water, it releases hydronium ions , H 3 O + , and sulphate ions, SO 2- .

The hydration of sulfuric acid is strongly exothermic , so to avoid splashing, care should always be taken to pour the acid into the water and not the other way around.

Use of sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid is used primarily for the production of fertilizers.

 It is also used for the production of textiles, processing of minerals , the refining of oil , storage of electricity in batteries to lead , stripping of metals and synthesis of dyes, explosives, detergents, etc.

Sulfuric acid production

The basis of sulfuric acid production is gaseous sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ). The synthesis of sulfuric acid comprises various stages: the so-called “contact” process makes it possible, in the presence of a catalyst , to oxidize the gas at high temperature (450 ° C.) to sulfur trioxide (SO 3 ). This is then hydrated to produce gaseous sulfuric acid. Finally, the latter is concentrated in the liquid state .

The dangers of exposure to sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid is an irritating and corrosive product, as is hydrochloric acid . Its effects are essentially local. In contact with the skin, it can cause severe burns. Exposure to sulfuric acid vapors causes irritation of the eyes , skin and respiratory tract. A ingestion can cause serious lesions of the digestive tract and engage the prognosis vital.

Venus and sulfuric acid

On Earth , sulfuric acid can be found in acid rain . On Venus , it is naturally found in a few cloudy layers.

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Sulphuric acid?

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