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what are vitamins And it’s types?

Importance of vitamins?

What are vitamins and it’s types?

Vitamins discovery types and importance :

Vitamins discovery types and importance is discussed here in detail by the way you can clear your doubts about vitamins. So first we start with vitamins discovery.

Discovery of vitamins

A scientist Hopkins in the year 1912 noticed that in addition to carbohydrates , proteins and fats there are other substances needed for normal growth. The need of  these substances were although in small quantity , yet these substances were called Accessory Growth Factors. Later Funk proposed the name Vitamins for these substances. He discovered vitamin B1 .

Types of vitamins;

Vitamins are divided into two types;

  1. Fat soluble vitamins

2.Water soluble vitamins

Fat soluble vitamins;(Fat soluble vitamine thiamine)

vitamins discovery types and importance
Fat soluble vitamins

The vitamins which dissolves in fats are called fat soluble vitamins.

Examples :

1. Vitamin A

2. Vitamin D:

Function :

It helps to build strong bones and teeth


Egg yolks

Fortified butter




vitamins discovery types and importance
Vitamin E

3. Vitamin E:

Function :

Act as antioxidants to protect cell membranes.

Sources :



Salad oils

Whole grain cereals


vitamins discovery types and importance
Vitamin k

4. Vitamin K:

It plays important role in

Body growth

Healthy skin

Blood clotting

Sources of vitamin k:


.Egg yolks

.Organ meats

Excess of these vitamins

If these vitamins taken in large quantity,  they accumulate in the body and cause deseases. e.g accumulation of vitamins D in the body cause bone pain.

Deficiency of these vitamins

However, their deficiency also cause deseas .

Sources, uses and deficiency of these vitamins are provided.

Vitamin A:

Sources :

Dairy products,  eggs,  oils, fats and fish. It can also be obtained from the beta-caroten found in green vegetables  ,carrots and liver.fortified milk, liver, yellow fruits, Butter.


Maintains the health of the epithelium and acts on the retina’s dark adaptations mechanism,increase immunity, need for protein utilization, protect against cancer,maintain healthy skin.


1.Night blindness,

2.Eye inflammation

3.Premature skin damage

4.Dryness of hairs




8.Reproductive difficulty

Vitamins D:vitamin d


Fish liver,  dairy products,  oils and fats,fortified butter, margarine,   Vitamin D is formed in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight.


Has a role in the absorption of calcium.  Which is necessary  for the maintenance of healthy bones.

Diseases :

Rickets  and softness of bones,weakened immune system, muscles weakness

Water soluble vitaminswater soluble vitamins

The vitamins that dissolves in water are called water soluble vitamins.

Examples :

1. B complexvitamin b

2. Vitamin Cvitamin c

Quantity of water soluble vitamins

Water soluble vitamins are rapidly excreted from the body.  The large quantity of these vitamins do not harms so these vitamins are not toxic even if taken in large quantity. However their own cause diseases.

Importance of vitamins :

1. Each vitamin play an important role in the healthy development of our body.

2. Natural vitamin are organic food substances found only in plants and animals.  Our body is unable to synthesize vitamins.  Because of this,  they must be supplied either directly in the diet or by way of supplements. They are absolutely necessary for our normal growth.

3. Vitamins cannot be assimilated without ingesting food. This is why,  it is suggested that vitamins must be taken with meal. They help to regulate our body’s metabolism.


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