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What are Esters ?

What are the Ester's used for?

What are Esters:

Definition :

The  esters  are organic compounds derived from carboxylic acids. The esters have a carbonic radical instead of the carboxylic hydrogen, and this is the characteristic that distinguishes one from the other.

Esters originate through esterification. The ester is not soluble in water, but in alcohol, ether and chloroform. The boiling point of the ester is lower than that of alcohols.

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Features of Ester’s :

  • They can be solid or liquid. This depends on the amount of carbon atoms the molecule has.
  • They are insoluble in water but soluble in chloroform, ethers and alcohols.
  • They are soluble in most organic solvents.
  • They are colorless (those of low molecular mass).
  • They are used in the food industry to give flavor and aroma.
  • Its melting and boiling points are lower than those of carboxylic acids of similar molecular mass.
  • They cannot yield hydrogens but they can receive them.
  • They have pleasant aromas.
  • They have high viscosity.
  • They are neutral.

Importance of Ester’s :

Esters  are of great importance in the food industry . They form the essences, which are derived from acids and short chain alcohols.

In the food industry, they mimic the taste and aroma of fruits. That’s why we call them flavorings. They are used in sweets, candies, ice cream, artificial juices, etc.

esters characteristics

What are the esters used for?

The esters have a pleasant smell and aroma, so they  are used to give aroma .

They are flavoring substances , that is, they are used to artificially flavor products such as candies, juices and syrups.

Examples of Ester’s :

Ethyl butanoate (strawberry essence), butyl ethanoate (green apple essence), ethyl ethanoate (apple essence), propyl ethanoate (pear essence).

The ester is part of the biodiesel composition. Thanks to the esters, soap is produced. This is because the oils and fats present in the ester can be used in its manufacture.

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