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What chemicals does brain releases during love?

Love and brain chemistry?

What chemicals does brain releases during love ?

Love and brain chemistry :

Love and brain chemistry here are we going to be discussed in detail. Love in control of our brain chemistry and science also admit it.In this article we will explain it.

Love a mixture of pheromones dopamine and oxytocin :

“I am foolhardy in love, but my cynical friends keep telling me that love is only a mixture of pheromones, dopamine and oxytocin, and that these things fade after a few years;

This thinking scares me, makes the whole thing seem meaningless …

Is love really the brain chemistry?

Free the hands of the two wanders and let them go,Before, after, between, above, below.

It is no coincidence that the most exciting font in English poetry is all prepositions, as the essence of love is expressed in its grammar, at least romantic and romantic love.

We fall in love :

We fall in love, not wandering in it, and as it is said, we fall upside down and do not run our feet, often at first sight rather than close examination.

We fall madly in love, blind to the flaws of others, away from any rational evaluation of their merits.

In essence love :

In essence, love is spontaneous, sweeping, irresistible, like shells, even if time passes, its branches will take more complex paths.

We control more than we have ever controlled. On one side is ambiguity, and on the other side is simplicity.

Its path is sometimes connected, expected and inevitable, and its cultural expression is more or less homogeneous across time and space.

The motivation to think about it:

The motivation to think about it in terms of its simple causes precedes science. Reflection on Cupid’s arrow, The Wizard’s Mouthful – Love seems to be primitive.

Brain chemistry of love according to science :

Science has not broken the codes of love yet, let’s find the cause.

Sex pheromones :

Sex pheromones are designed to spread the reproductive ability of others, and they are major attractions, but while pheromones play an important role in communication in insects, there is very little evidence of their presence in humans.

Binding hormone oxytocin:

If chemicals are able to mark attraction outside of the body, then why isn’t it inside? The neurotoxic peptide “oxytocin” is often incorrectly described as the “binding hormone”, which is known in its role in breastfeeding and uterine contraction. This oxytocin is the only candidate here.

Extensive study in prairie vole mice :

This has been extensively studied mainly in prairie vole mice, which are characterized by monogamy and highlighting their tendencies to the public, making them an ideal animal model.

Love and brain chemistry
Is love just a brain chemistry?

Blocking oxytocin :

Blocking oxytocin disrupts the bilateral bond that substitutes love, making these mice more restrained and repressed in their emotional expressions. Conversely, increased oxytocin in other types of non-monogamous mice weakens their use of their sexual adventures.

Role of oxytocin in human’s :

In humans, though, the effects are much less dramatic, as a slight change in the romantic preference towards the familiar appears at the expense of the new; So oxytocin is far from being necessary for love.

Love Letter Box?

Of course, even if we can define this material, any message – chemical or otherwise – needs a recipient. So where is the love letter box in the brain? How is the identity of the chosen person transmitted because no single molecule can encrypt it?

When romantic love is examined with brain imaging:

the bright areas interfere with those areas responsible for reward-seeking behavior as well as areas for orientation toward goals. But these parts of our brains are blazing and aroused through one thing, and this does not tell us much whether it is agitating through other completely different things.

Observed romantic love patterns :

The observed romantic love patterns are no different from the bonds of motherhood, or even the person’s love for his favorite soccer team. So we can only conclude that neuroscience has not yet explained this madness of love in terms of nervousness.

Do we simply need more experiences?

Yes, this is usually the answer of scientists, but here it is assumed that love is simple enough to be meaning confined by mechanical description, and this is very unlikely because nature will resist it.

Evolutionarily,love ultimately relates to reproduction:

Evolutionary, love ultimately relates to reproduction ,considering what will happen to an organism whose sexual appeal works through a very simple mechanism that includes a series of sensitive molecules, twelve vital neurological nodes or the like.

Its reproductive success:

It’s reproductive success will be fortified with the safety of very few genetic elements, with the possibility of completely eliminating it by a mutation or two. A predator can develop a poison that not only makes its victim obedient, but also drowns it in a positive gram, just too happy to slip from “sexual trance” to the real thing.

If there is something rigid that the main molecule can contain abundantly, the entire species can become a sexual object, and you choose to play with it on having sex with each other. This joke is almost “play truffle on wild boars,” which she says animals are entertained temporarily.

But the evolutionary weakness is deeper:

Remember that sex is not primarily about the reproduction of species, but about improving them, not just in response to the world as it is now, but as it may be during the largest hypothetical time range in the future.

This requires that living things be diverse in their features and skills, as far as they are chosen for their safety. If not, a sudden change in the environment may cause these species to die out overnight.

So every reproductive decision cannot be simple or standardized:

Because we cannot be allowed to be guided by any single characteristic, let alone the same characteristic. Globally tall is attractive, and if biology allows us to choose height alone, we will be giants all together now. And if decisions must be complex, the nervous system must make it possible.

While this explains why compulsive romantic attraction is complex:

, it does not explain why we can feel instinct and spontaneity, unlike the common situation we hold for our most important decisions.

Would separate rationality not be better?

To find out why this is not the case, think about the explicit rationale that exists in the first place.

Because of our subsequent development of our instincts, we need rationality only to separate ourselves from the reasons for making a decision so that others can save it, understand it and apply it independently of us.

No one else needs to understand the reasons for our love:

And in fact the last thing we want to do is provide others with a recipe to steal the goal of our desire.

Relinquishment of control over :

Equally, the relinquishment of control over recorded cultural practice pushes development to place a lot of “confidence” in collective rational ability – that is, evolutionarily, it is very small.

It is also a mistake to think of instinct as simple:

and inferior to subtle deliberations. Its implicit makes it more complex than rational analysis, because it brings a wide range of factors, more than we can simultaneously carry in our conscious minds.

And the truth is staring us, think how much better we are in facial recognition than it is.

 Why should confessing love be different?

Ultimately, if the neural mechanisms of love are simple,then you should be able to induce them with an injection, extinguish them with a scalpel and leave everything else intact.

The cold and harsh logic of evolutionary biology makes this impossible:

If love were not complicated, we would not have developed in the first place.

Love is very complex reaction in brain :

However, love – like all of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors – depends on the physical processes in the brain, and it’s a very complex reaction. But to say that love is just chemistry in the brain is like saying that “Shakespeare” is just words, “Wagner” is just notes, and “Michelangelo” is just calcium carbonate – here the idea will be missed. Love is like art, more than a sum of parts.


Chaos of love :

So those who are so lucky to experience the chaos of love, must allow ourselves to be carried by waves. And if we end up being wrecked on the hidden rocks of surfing, we can gain relief from knowing that the reason has not brought us any further.

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