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What do you know about preparation of liquid soap?

Liquid soap?


How do we prepare liquid soap?

Preparation of liquid soap :

liquid soappreparation
liquid soap

Preparation of liquid soap is explained here briefly.In order to know how to make liquid soap we have to know about soap definition and it’s types and the oils which are used in manufacturing of soaps.So here we discussed them step by step.First of all we start with definition of soap.

Definition of soap:

preparation of liquid soap

Soap works to remove dirt and sweat from the body, which makes the skin clean and fresh.

Types of soaps :

The types of soaps vary according to the skin. Some types of traditional soaps can be harsh which leads to dryness or irritation of the skin , so it is imperative to choose a mild soap that contains ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

Real soap :

So, the real soap is the one that consists of a mixture of natural fats and a lotion that is known as sodium hydroxide,

Traditional soaps :

unlike the traditional soap that contains industrial detergents and harsh ingredients on the skin where the acidity level ranges from 9 to 10, but the normal level of acidity It ranges between 4 to 5 degrees.

So  the soap can be made in a way that suits the skin, and the following will explain how the liquid soap works.

 Soap industry oils:

preparation of liquid soap
soap industry oils

Before knowing the action of the liquid soap method, it is necessary to choose the ingredients carefully, as choosing the oils in the way of making liquid soap is an important issue, as each oil has important characteristics that differ from other oils.

So it is necessary to balance the oils when the way of making liquid soap It is appropriate, and here are the most common types of oils and their distinctive characteristics:

[1] Apricot kernel oil:

It is a light oil that is well absorbed by the skin.

[2]Sweet Almond Oil:

It is a very light moisturizing oil that absorbs well and produces a stable and low foam.

[3]Avocado Oil:

It is a thick oil that contains a high content of obesity, and is often used for sensitive skin.

[4]Canola oil:

It is a kind of rapeseed and gives a gentle lather and creamy moisture.

[5]Castor oil:

It is a thick oil that increases soap foam and increases skin moisture.

[6]Coconut oil:

one of the most important oils in the soap industry as it strikes oils from the skin.

[7]Corn oil:

It is not considered a preferred type for fear of its effect on people with corn allergy.

[8]Grape seed oil:

It is a lightweight, moisturizing oil that is added in small quantities.

[9]Hazelnut oil:

It is an excellent refreshment, but its shelf life is short and does not exceed four months.

[10]Neem oil:

is characterized by its anti-rash, fungi and insect properties . Due to its distinctive and very moisturizing properties,

[11]olive oil:

It is considered to be the number one oil used in making soap.

[12]Palm oil:

one of the best oils and contributes to making a large and long-lasting soap.

[13]Pumpkin seed oil:

It is an oil rich in antioxidant vitamins, and helps make the soap solid and rich in foam.

[14]Rice bran oil:

It is an alternative to olive oil, as it gives the same moisturizing properties, but at a lower price.

[15]Sesame Seed Oil:

It is a moisturizing oil rich in antioxidants and vitamins .

[16]Shea Oil:

One of the most important luxury and most popular oils for soap making.

[17]Soybean oil:

a light oil that provides adequate hydration and delicate foaming.

How the liquid soap works?

Due to the many types of soaps and ingredients that can be made from soap, the way to make liquid soaps is relatively easy, as it can be made using potassium hydroxide, also known as lye, which requires caution when using it, and the following will be clarified how the liquid soap works:

Ingredients for making liquid soap:

¤ 100 g potassium hydroxide.

¤ 17 g of water. 350 g of olive oil.

¤ 150 g of coconut oil.

¤ 850 g of water is separate from the first water.

How to make liquid soap?

Prepare to know how to make liquid soap by wearing protective clothing. Special kitchen preparation for the way of making liquid soaps to allow the ability to accurately measure the ingredients.

To accurately measure the required components according to the previously mentioned components. Make sure to use a dry pot of potassium hydroxide as it should not come in contact with water.

Start mixing the oils together over a low heat. Place the right amount of 100 g potassium hydroxide with 170 g of water, where the water should be poured into an empty container and slowly add potassium hydroxide.

Add the water mixture to the oil mixture. Stir the ingredients until they are sure to mix the oils, water, and potassium hydroxide together completely. Mix the ingredients together in a blender until a consistent mixture is made.

Continue heating on low heat for several hours, stirring every half hour. Test the soap by adding a small amount of soap to a small amount of boiling water in a ratio of 1: 2.

If the mixture is milky white, it must be returned to the heat source and continue to heat for another thirty minutes until the solution becomes clear.

Boil 850 grams of water, then combine the water with a gel solution. The mixture is stirred completely and then mixed over a stove and allowed to cool the soap.

Allow the soap to rest for an extended period of time from a day or two to several weeks. Put the soap in the dispensers.

Benefits of adding honey to soap

benifits of honey adding to soap
benifits of honey adding to soap

Honey has been used since ancient times through different ages in order to preserve the skin and hair, as it was used as a form of face masks, and Cleopatra also used the honey and milk bath to preserve its appearance,

as honey is a moisturizing fluid as it works to attract moisture and keep it, as well It contains antimicrobial substances.

So adding honey to the way of making liquid soap is desirable, as it will add a warm mild scent and increase the soap foam, and this is done by adding a tablespoon per pound of oils, so it is imperative to ensure that it is well combined With ingredients are made sure

So when it becomes the color of soap opening, as there are no special rules to dissolve the honey, and then add any way the work of liquid soap.

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