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Is garlic good for your health?

Garlic uses and tips


Is garlic good for your health?

Garlic :

You may not know it but when you eat garlic, you take care of yourself. Indeed, common garlic is a medicinal plant par excellence. It is safe for home use and is effective in treating a multitude of health problems.

Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory , anti- cholesterol, antioxidant , antiallergic and even … aphrodisiac : garlic would have many virtues. Used over 5,000 years ago, from the steppes of Central Asia, through ancient Egypt, ancient Rome and Greece , garlic  (Allium sativum) has been known for centuries for its antipoison properties. His success has never failed, including in our cooked dishes, appreciated that it is to raise the taste.

Garlic and its many health benefits

Thanks to its phenolic acids , garlic  acts as a powerful antiseptic of the digestive system and the respiratory system  (infections of the nose , throat and bronchi ). Its fluidifying effect on the blood , its ability to dissolve small clots would slow the evolution of atherosclerosis . In addition, its active ingredients sulfur dilate the coronary arteries , helping to prevent angina pectoris . It reduces cholesterol levels and soothes circulatory disorders, such ashypertension . Hypoglycemic, garlic is also a valuable dietary supplement for diabetics .

Consumed regularly, it would help prevent cancer of the stomach , colon and rectum , and would be effective against intestinal worms. It also helps digestion , promoting the development of intestinal flora , thanks to the inulin, probiotic it contains naturally.

To all these advantages, we must add its preventive and therapeutic effect against the cold, its content in vitamins A , B, C and E, or the presence of allicin antibiotic molecule .

Garlic is a very old traditional remedy. Before the invention of antibiotics, garlic treated all kinds of diseases, from tuberculosis to typhoid. It was also used to heal wounds during the First World War. Garlic is used against infections, it enhances the action of chemical antibiotics and avoids their side effects.

Garlic, tips and uses

It is recommended to use chopped or crushed cloves of garlic (or cayeux) regularly in the kitchen to benefit from its benefits and strengthen the immune system . It’s an excellent tonic. However, it has the bad reputation, justified however, not to keep away vampires, but to give bad breath  that the body exhales and can put up to 24 hours to eliminate. To counteract this disadvantage, pearls containing garlic oil can be found in parapharmacies and specialty shops. They help increase the body’s resistance to infections.

To disinfect wounds and ulcers, use a solution of 10% garlic juice with 1 to 2% alcohol , or make garlic vinegar compresses made of 30 g of grated garlic that you will macerate during 10 days in half a liter of vinegar. Finally, against wasp stings and other insects , extract the stinger, then rub the stung area with a piece of garlic. From the cloves of garlic, garlic essential oil is also extracted from   both antiseptic and antibiotic.

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